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Xbox has a subculture centered around unlocking 100% of the achievements in games. Here are the 7 easiest games to to get you started.

Achievements have been a big part ofXbox culture since they debuted alongside the Xbox 360 16 years ago. These achievements have become a staple of many gaming companies nowadays and often set up new and interesting ways to playthe titles they are found in. Many players make it their mission to acquire every single one of them in the course of their playthroughs.

As time has gone on an Xbox player's achievement score (or Gamerscore as it's commonly referred to) has become a status symbol that shows how much of a hardcore gamer someone is. The higher the number the better, with the top tier achievement hunters reaching point totals over one million. To make things easier for players trying to grind achievements, here are seven of the easiest games to achieve 100 percent completion in on Xbox One.

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Shred It! is an endless runner game with a unique papercraft style that really stands out.It encouragesplayers to continue trying to beattheir previous score, getting just a little further down the path each time. Obstacles and challenges liter each track, and although it's easy to pick up, the game offers a bit of a learning curve as you try harder tasks.

There are a variety of characters and tracks to unlock as you progress, and one can easily lose themselves trying to unlock them all. Luckily, acquiring the game's whopping 1500 Gamerscore can be done in only a few hours. In terms of time commitment to Gamerscore, there's no value quite like Shred It!

Abzu is an enigma. The game seems like a relaxing adventure where you explore a vast ocean and take in the sights and sounds, but it's so much more than that. The game is absolutely beautiful, featuring amazing details in the creatures you can encounter and the scenery you swim past. There are puzzles to solve and secrets to find, so exploration is key to getting the most out of Abzu.

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On top of the striking visuals and fun gameplay, Abzu has a surprisingly deep story for a game with no dialogue. Although hinted at throughout the game, only players that explore every inch of the ocean will understand what happens in the later levels.However, theentire game can be completed with a 100 percent in less than three hours.

The Station is less of a game and more of a walking simulator, a term that describes games that revolve around theplayer walking from area to area, simply interacting with the environment to progress the story. They are basically a newer version of the old point and click adventure games. This isn't quite a full-blown interactive movie, such as the Telltale games, but it's close.

TheStation takes place on a space station, where a mysterious accident has befallen the three crew members. It's up to the player to figure out what happened. The game has a pretty obvious twist at the end, but just because you might see it coming doesn't make it any less well done when it is eventually laid out.Furthermore, you can achieve 100 percentcompletion in around an hour -- another easy 1000 Gamerscore.

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Gone Home is another walking simulator.Here, the player explores the house and looks to find things to interact with that will progress the story. The game's depth isn't in the gameplay; it's in the story. If you have ever been away from home for a long time and return to see things are not how you left them, then you will understand the story of Gone Home.

The game goes to great lengths to express the feelings of loss and change that come from your childhood home changing over the years and people moving on with their lives. Another game that isn't long, you can finish the entire game in less than 20 minutes, but 100 percent completion will take a bit longer.

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In the name itself, thecomplexity of Cubot is in its simplicity. Every puzzle consists of matching colors, which in itself is pretty simple. Where the difficulty comes in is the twists and turns the game uses to keep you from completing your tasks. Many puzzle games drop the ball in the way they ramp up the difficulty; one minute it's a breeze, and the next it's pulling teeth.

Cubot does a great job of gradually teaching you the ropes, then slowly placing obstacles in your way as you're ready for them. To get 100 percent of the achievements, you need to complete every puzzle. This is no simple task, but there are plenty of guides available that makeit trivial and quick.

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Jack N' Jill DX is almost exactly what you think it is. The famous nursery rhyme about Jack chasing after Jill is taken to an extreme here, where, to get to Jill, Jack must brave 140 platforming levels. Everything is in black and white, and it's all wrapped in a cartoonish and simple design. The game harkens back to the old school 2D platformers that older gamers remember.It's simple, and the 100 percent is simpler -- the entirety of its achievements can be gathered before level 20.

Storm Boyis among the easiest games to complete, but it will definitely leave an impact. Based on a worldwide best-selling book that is known for pulling at readers' heartstrings, the game closely follows that path. The gameplay is easygoing with a few mini-gamesto complete, so it's not quite a walking simulator, but its close. Prepare for the same vibes along the lines of how most "boy and his dog" movies end, as Storm Boy befriends and raises a pelican. The achievement points are worth the extra emotion, and 100 percent of them can be yours in less than 20 minutes.

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