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Im starting to wonder if Xbox Game Pass isnt a potential pox on game sales. Full disclosure: Amid the deluge of stuff to play this year, Ive demurred on picking up several interesting-looking gameslike Backbone and The Forgotten Cityholding my breath for the possibility that, some day, they may land on Microsofts games-on-demand service. Well, over the next few weeks, several are. Would you look at that?

October 19

October 21

October 28

Meanwhile, the following are leaving the service on October 31:

By the way: Play Carto while you can! Its a neat puzzle game about manipulating a tile-shaped environment to proceed between levels, and strikes the ideal balance between chill and challenging. Definitely one of my favorites from last year.

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Look, I wont presume to make assumptions about anyones purchasing habits. Personally, I tend to wipe my plate clean before loading up on another portion. Once I finish [list of games too long to type], Ive got my eye on two of this months Game Pass offerings: the noir detective game Backbone and the time-loop puzzle game The Forgotten City. Now, it seems like Ill no longer need to pay to play.

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Ive also held off on one of the falls big blockbusters: Deathloop. Seeing as the games published by a Microsoft-owned studio, its a safe bet that Deathloop will eventually come to Game Pass, but Microsoft has not publicly stated one way or the other. (When reached for comment, a representative for Microsoft didnt immediately have an answer.) According to NPD sales data, Deathloop, easily one of the most hyped games of the season, wasnt even one of the top-five best-selling games during its release month.

Developers Ive spoken to say that showing up on Game Pass is a sales boon in the long run, noting that the publicity boost from appearing in front of some 23 million players is nothing to scoff at. But its key to remember that Game Pass is still in its relative infancy. Im curious to see what the impacts are in the long term.

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