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Pokmon has released more spin-off titles than mainline games, and these are some of the worst Pokmon titles Nintendo has ever released.

ThePokmon Company is always looking for new ways to innovate with newPokmontitles, and unfortunately not every newPokmon game is a smash hit.Pokmon is the world's highest-grossing media franchise, with one of the largest reasons it holds that title being because of the immense amount of content - video games, movies, trading cards, etc. - ThePokmon Company is able to produce. However, with the vast number of video games thatPokmon has produced over the past 25 years, there have been some really bad spin-off titles.

Pokmon was introduced to the world in 1996 as a simple monster collecting game on the Nintendo Game Boy.Pokmon Red & Blue were the first-everPokmon video games, followed by a collectible card game, anime, movies, and seven additional generations ofPokmon. Anew mainlinePokmon game would be released every two or three years, but the wait for the next big release would be filled with spin-off titles. Some of the bestPokmon experiences come from the spin-off titles such asPokmon Snap for the Nintendo 64, thePokmon Rumble series, and the mobile sensationPokmon GO.

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Some of these spin-offs, however, are the worstPokmon games ever made. Spin-offs tend to deviate away from the monster-catching element and focus more on building the world ofPokmon. Some games do a great job of showing off a different portion of thePokmon universe, while others present a lackluster or convoluted idea that doesn't quite sit right with players. Here are a few of the worstPokmon spin-off games that Nintendo should never remake.

ThePokmon anime does a great job of presenting the aforementioned facets of thePokmon universe that aren't shown in the main games. One of these isPokmon racing, which Ash Ketchum and the gang experienced in Season 1 Episode 32.Pokmon Dash similarly attempts to add a racing element to the world ofPokmon, but fails miserably.

Released on the Nintendo DS in 2005,Pokmon Dash relies heavily on the use of the system's touch screen to gain speed and direct thePokmon. Unfortunately, players only have control ofPikachu and can't select from any otherPokmon. The gameplay is very repetitive, controls are frustrating, and it continually throws gimmicks at the player to take them out of the action. Not saying that aPokmon racing title isn't a viable endeavor, butPokmon Dash needs to be left in the early 2000s.

It's baffling that Nintendo decided topublish not one but threePokmon Ranger titles. Unlike many otherPokmon spin-off games,Pokmon Ranger lets players catch Pokmon, but only momentarily. Instead of using aPok Ball, players would use their DS stylus to draw circles around a wildPokmon. This activates the players' Capture Styler, which looks eerily similar to a Beyblade.

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Once the player drew enough circles around aPokmon, thatPokmon would join their party only to be used once before returning to the wild.Pokmon Rangers are in charge of solving ecological mysteries and capturing criminals, but the gameplay is too repetitive and uninteresting to make players want to focus on its story. Other spin-offs like the Pokmon Colosseum series are much better examples of whatPokmon Ranger attempted.

There are a lot ofPokmon puzzle games that are very enjoyable to play. Someoffer unique takes on classic puzzle formats, while others just slap aPokmon skin on a popular time-killer.Pokmon Trozei! is arguably the worstPokmon puzzle game, and it's yet another title that lived and died on the Nintendo DS.

Pokmon Trozei! is similar to Tetris or Bejeweled where icons symbolizing differentPokmon are shuffled around the screen to make matches. It's nothing more than another match-4 game with the added bonus of aPokdex that keeps track of thePokmon the players have matched.It would be much better for Nintendo to releaseanotherPokmon Picrossor Pokmon Pinballbefore anotherPokmon Trozei!

There are many morePokmon spin-offs out there that aren't worth a reboot, but these are the worst offenders. With 2021 beingPokmon's 25th Anniversary, it wouldn't surprising to see a couple of Pokmon games released, but it would be disappointing if any of these were announced.

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