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In a bit of a call back to the classic DigitalRev TV Pro Tog Cheap Camera Challenge, YouTuber Jessica Kobeissi enlisted one of her professional photographer friends for a special photo challenge: get the best possible campaign/editorial photos using only a $22 bunny camera. Hilarity ensues

The victim contestant is Detroit-based film photographer Vuhlandes, the model was Bianca LaCroix, and the camera they were using is this little gem you see here:

You can see it for yourself here, but the specs are ummmm nothing to write home about.

In the cons column: its only 12MP, you cant zoom, you cant change lenses, you cant adjust exposure, and theres only ONE microSD card slot. In fact, you can store up to 50 photos on the camera without a card, so you could say this is a zero card slot camera.

In the pros column: there are 28 funny filters & stickers, its drop resistant, and there are built-in puzzle games like Tetris and Snake.

Sadly, Tetris and Snake didnt play any role in the photography challenge (missed opportunity?) but Vuhlandes and Kobeissi did their best to work within the extreme limitations they were given and capture something that looked somewhat professional in just 5 minutes.

Check out the full video up top to see how they did and who won this challenge. And if you want to see some similar challenges from yester-year, check out some of the DRTV Pro Tog Cheap Camera challenges weve featured in the past: like that time Phillip Bloom had to shoot with a Barbie camera, or the time Gary Tyson had to do street photography with a 0.3MP kids camera watch.

Compared to those setups, the specs of this bunny camera seem almost luxurious.

(via DIY Photography)

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Watch Pro Photographers Try to Shoot with a $22 Bunny Camera - PetaPixel

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