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Kids games are always a concern in the family. Children these days develop quicker than previously and numerous more seasoned children are keen on mainstream games like the Fortnite game. Parents need to be more cautious while handing over their phones to kids and make sure that their gaming session is productive and tell them to opt for educational games. Most of the time we get carried away let them play on our phones and stay busy with our leisure time. It is advisable not to do so. There are plenty of Android mobile educational games available. Amongst them here we look at the few best educational games for kids which make their gaming session productive.


Its an excellent Android game and you can introduce it to youngsters if they love multitasking games that improve their intelligence.


ABC is a functional education game for kids. All the mini-games are meant for your kids to learn the English alphabet properly. Its features are also incredible. Its a kid-friendly alphabet finding game, colorful letters with lots of phrases with images, and the main reason there are no advertisements, funny sound, and music.


The baby toddler is for very small babies and its a very good start if they want to be smart. It is the best Android game for youngsters as it is loaded with vivid creature pictures and riddles. As a relaxing brain exercise and fiery education, this game is good.


This is a math base game, which can improve the answering skill of kids. There are interactive elements too through which they can go in quest with friends. The difficulty levels in this educational game will help kids make progress.


This is also the best educational game. This physical science puzzle game highlights moving outsiders that will show your children speed increase, gravity, lightness, and so forth.


This will teach your kids everything from basic ABCs to complex sentences. It has puzzle games with talking letters which will help your kid learn to read.

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Want To Make Your Kids Gaming Session Productive? Play These Educational Games - IWMBuzz

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