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Spain-based indie development studio Squirrel Bytes revealed their new game Hyperstacks is on the way to Steam this year. The game will have you playing as a small robotic creature who will go through different levels like a platformer to solve puzzles and make your way into the next area. It adds a little bit of a challenge to things being in VR with first-person, as elements of it remind us of Portal. The game also comes with a level editor in which you'll be able to take your ideas and turn them into some of the most insane levels ever, with the possibility of sharing them with people online. At the moment the game is being planned to be released sometime in Q2 2021, with a lot of signs leading to the idea it will be released in April. However, the game is only headed to Early Access, so while you are getting a game, it's not going to be the complete game. Youc an read a little more about it below and check out the very short teaser trailer they provided as we wait for a proper release date.

Hyperstacks is a VR Action-Puzzle game packed with Powerful Level Editor where solving puzzles and crushing enemies is your goal! Fight against enemies, climb walls, solve puzzles, dodge traps. Let loose your creative side and immerse yourself into our fully-fledged VR level editor! Create amazing levels, Enjoy community-created content, and interact with other players! Create deadly levels in VR and interact with the community! A really easy to use VR Level editor Integrated with a complete In-Game Guide which will be growing as the game grows! Create Complex systems and create your own logic for unique patterns and behaviors!

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VR Puzzler Hyperstacks Will Be Coming To Steam Q2 2021 - Bleeding Cool News

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