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Here's a nice lighthearted one for you. Shortly after the original Diablo released, rumors began circulating that there was a bizarre, hidden level full of all-powerful killer cows. There were various ways to enter this secret cow level, but most of them involved clicking on the cows wandering about town a certain number of times or in a certain pattern.

The rumor fit with Blizzard's off-the-wall sense of humor. In a game as dark and bleak as Diablo, a hidden level full of murderous cows would be a nice little respite. There was no cow level, however. Not yet.

Blizzard started addressing the rumor in various other games, like a quest in the expansion, Hellfire. This expansion referenced the rumor, as well as a cheat code in StarCraft ("There is no cow level"). Then Diablo 2 came along.

After beating the game and restarting, players could combine two items to open a special portal. It warped them to a bizarre world full of bipedal cows carrying weapons. Unprepared heroes were quickly slaughtered, although there was valuable loot to obtain. The cow level may have started as an urban legend, but fans eventually willed it to life. Well played.

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Viral gaming stories that turned out to be fake - Looper

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