Unitied, a Minimalist and Relaxing Puzzle Game coming to Switch June 25th – SwitchWatch

This 57MB title centers around moving small squares around a map and it also features Oh, wait. There is literally nothing else on the games page other than 3 images that dont fully get the idea across. I guess the minimalism also extends to the game page of Unitied.

To be more specific, and Im quoting here: The simple goal is to finish all blocks. It also mentions there are 50 levels which would be great if it was possible to work out from the game page what this title is all about.

After some further research I found that the game has a Steam page which fills in the gaps that were left by the eShop It even includes a trailer. The game has been reviewed by my good friend John Walker over at Buried Treasure as well as on touch arcade (4/5).

Rather impressively the game has 100% positive reviews from 23 reviewers several of which probably came from John who has a pretty dedicated fanbase himself. I also was able to find out that the game originally only had 35 levels and now has been updated to 50 which will be included on launch on the switch.

I reached out to the developer for a comment and he was kind enough to reply, telling SwitchWatch:

Im excited very much, of course! Im really happy to have the game on there! I think the concept of the game does fit the switch very well. Peter Hijma, Solo Dev

You can reach out to Peter (Unitieds Developer) on Twitter or check out the game on the eShop:

US $2.99 UK 2.29

Does Unitied seem like the puzzler youve been dreaming of? As always let us know down in the comments (we always reply!), and check out our new writer, Joey Nassers piece about 5 games where the Switch port didnt go nearly as well as we are hoping it went for this title.

The rest is here:
Unitied, a Minimalist and Relaxing Puzzle Game coming to Switch June 25th - SwitchWatch

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