Two Player Mobile Game, Get Together: A Coop Adventure, Will Be Available To Play Tomorrow –

Emma McCandless October 13th, 2021 - 4:37 PM

The new two-player game Get Together: A Coop Adventure will be available for download on mobile devices starting tomorrow, October 14, 2021. Studio Sterneck has created a unique puzzle game where two players, exclusively, are challenged to maneuver through their own separate whimsical worlds where each player can only see what is happening on their own devices. There will be mysteries to uncover and forgotten stories to find. The trick is that in order to complete their journey each player will have to communicate with their partner in order to gather clues. Each player holds the key that the other is missing. As well as a puzzle game, Get Together: A Coop Adventure also has qualities of an adventure RPG in the sense that it is a third-person point of view where you play as a cursed traveler whose soul has been split into two separate components in the form of a bunny human hybrid.

Doubling as a work of art, Get Together: A Coop Adventure places its players into a beautiful world that combines elements of fantasy and forestry. The soundtrack is calming and introspective and has been newly created for this game alone. The controls are super simple to learn, so anyone can play regardless of any gaming expertise you may or may not bring to the table. No connection to Wi-fi is needed either, so it can be played anywhere. These features are very helpful for a two-player game because you are ultimately dependent on your chosen partner for success. Choose wisely before setting off on your adventure. The entire game takes around 2-3 hours to complete.

You can play Get Together: A Coop Adventure on iOS devices through the App Store, on Android devices through Google Play, and on PC through Steam. Cross-platform play is available between mobile and PC.

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Two Player Mobile Game, Get Together: A Coop Adventure, Will Be Available To Play Tomorrow -

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