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Clicker games are good for one thing, and one thing alone wasting time. Although we guess you could probably throw in the fact that they are good for hurting your fingers too. Whatever you are looking to do though, Lord of the Click on Xbox One looks to have you covered in both the time wasting, and finger hurting, stakes as it launches on Xbox One.

Previously available on PC via Steam, Lord of the Click is the latest clicker to arrive on console. Going up against the mighty Clicker Heroes (and if youre new to the scene, THAT is how you do a good clicker experience), Lord of the Click will have you clicking, clicking, and clicking some more, as you fall into the 2D top down affair.

If you hadnt guessed already, for the most part, your time with Lord of the Click will be spent clicking on a building, but that doesnt mean a semblance of story hasnt been infused into the action. Taking place in the Middle Ages, itll be up to you to help a young Prince save his King from the forces of darkness, throwing out soldiers and units forevermore.Do we really care for that though? Probably not. Its all about the clicks.

Promising bright and stylish pixel visuals, and the most simplistic of gameplay styles, if youre looking for something to waste a few evenings, Lord of the Click could well be it. Unfortunately, if we go from what the Steam community are telling us, it could well be a bit of a mixed bag that lays ahead. Well find out with our full review of the Xbox One version of Lord of the Click.

To keep things even more simple, Lord of the Click also happens to rock up to Xbox One with a super cheap price point in place. A mere 4.19 is all you need to spend in order to find time with this new clicker. Just get over to the Xbox Store and take home your download right now.

Game Description:

Lord Of The Click its the game for those who outgrew meaningless shooters and tiresome endless RPGs. Lord Of The Click will give you the unsurpassed feeling of allmightyness by controling the huge army with only one muscle of your body (Well, maybe two muscles) Lord Of The Click its the game for those who knows the true purpose of their thumbs. Lord Of The Click its more than just a game, its a whole training system for your fingers created by the best scientists from Kazakhstan! When King Arthur removed the sword out of the stone, he did a huge mistake! It would be enough to remove the finger out of his

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Train your fingers and become Lord of the Click on Xbox One - TheXboxHub

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