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Tetris Friends:

Some exciting puzzle games are the games that never lose its spark and fan base. Tetris Friends is one such game. This game is an online puzzle game, and the creator of this game is Tetris Online, Inc. Moreover, this puzzle game has both single and multiplayer modes. However, Tetris Friends comes with an online feature, where the player can compare his game scores with all other friends and every other group of people who are the part of the game. The best part of this game is that it has six modes in the single-player mode and five modes in the multiplayer game mode.

There are various levels in the game which the player has to complete. Moreover, after completing the game levels, the player can earn several coins. The completion of classes also enables the player to unlock the different mode styles and various skins available. The game also has a unique hold feature, in which the players can save the blocks for future use. With every level, the game becomes difficult to play. Tetris Friends is the best game one can play. This game comes with commendable features, amazing visuals, adequate controls, and admirable mechanics.

In 2019, there was news of the shut down of Tetris Friends. However, this was not at all good news for the fans of Tetris Friends. Tetris Friends was very popular among the people across the globe. Moreover, over a million users had registered on the site of the game. The game had Multiplayer formats, and therefore, it became the most popular game that a player can play online. The parent company of this game was Tetris Online, Inc. The reason for the shut down of this game is the same parent company. As soon as the parent company closed, the news of the Tetris Friends shutdown came out.

Because of the shut down of the game, the players are looking for the alternatives of Tetris Friends. Are you one of those players? If yes, then you are in the right place as we have brought for you the list of some best alternatives for Tetris Friends.

Dr. Mariois a single-player and multiplayer puzzle game of the 1990s. This game has gameplay, which is quite similar to that of Tetris Friends. In this game, the player has to play the role of Mario, who is a doctor. Mario has to kill or delete the viruses using the colorful capsules.

Cultris 2is a game with a single-player and multiplayer mode. The best part of this game is the element of the split-screen. There are plenty of methods that are present in the game. However, most of the players use the single-player mode to earn more points. This game also has gameplay, which is very similar to Tetris Friends.

Jumble Blocksis a single-player video game. This game has gameplay, which is quite similar to Tetris Friends. Moreover, the Jumble Blocks game has various elements like puzzles, falling blocks, etc. In this game, the player has to combine the unions of two different colors in a verticle or a horizontal manner. However, this step will enable the player to earn points in the game. This game contains various levels, and as the player moves forward with the groups, the game turns more complex and challenging.

Slydrisis a single-player puzzle video game. This game is available on various mobile platforms. If you want to experience the exciting gameplay, then this game is just for you! The player has to manipulate the blocks so that the whole line must attain the same color. As soon as the color matches, the entire line will disappear from the game screen. This game has three exciting modes Survival Mode, Infinite Mode, and Zen Mode.

World Mosaicsis a game for all the adventure lovers. The gameplay includes puzzle and adventure. This game has a single-player mode where the player can travel across the various cities to solve the unknown mysteries. Moreover, this game comes with two exciting methods: the extra puzzle mode and story mode. Each of these modes has different features. Therefore, in the story mode, the player has to solve the puzzles, which will consist of various maps of other locations.

Planet Puzzle Leagueis a tile-matching video game. This game is a single-player puzzle game, and the creators of this game are Intelligent Systems. The best and unique part of this game is that it provides the players with unique and different gameplay. In this game, there is a 2D area. Hence, various blocks are present in this 2D area, which are identical in size and shape. Several blocks occupy different columns and rows.

These were the best alternatives for Tetris Friends. Moreover, there are some other alternatives, as well. Such as1010 Block Puzzle Mania, Bag It Free, Inversus Deluxe, Dream of Pixels, Kirbys Star Stacker, Lumines, Columns, Super Mini Puzzle Heroes, Anode, BlockOut 2, and many more!

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