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Updated July 8, 2020: New entries added

Which country has had the most profound influence on the RPG genre? The US has to be the frontrunner, having produced the first video game RPGs, not to mention many of the biggest RPG franchises.

The UK would be in there somewhere, too, if only for the profound influence of JRR Tolkien and other British fantasy writers.

But only Japan, among all the countries of the world, gets its own RPG sub-genre. The JRPG is a distinctive thing, with its own tropes and traits.

You know a JRPG when you see one, whether its a particular type of spiky-haired amnesiac protagonist, a particular flavour of steampunk dystopia, or a distinct take on turn-based combat.

Thankfully, a whole heap of the best JRPGs are available to play on Android. A lot of these are ports of established classics, while others are original productions.

Here are 25 of our favourite Android JRPGs. Don't see your favourite on there? Let us know what you'd include in the comments below.


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