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Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales was a single-player card game that came out in conjunction with the full release ofGwent: The Witcher Card Game. In it, players take control of Queen Meve as she guides her army through the world in order to defeat the invading nation of Nilfgaard.

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The gameplay ofThronebreaker is focused onGwent inspired card battles and pushes the limits of what can be done with puzzle battles, where specific tasks must be accomplished with limited resources in order to win. Here are the ten hardest puzzles from the game, along with some advice on how to go about solving them.

On the Range is encountered in Lyria, the game's first map, and involves Meve trying to save a herd of Cows from a single Deranged Cow, which is on a timer to destroy the lowest cow. Cows dying means failure, so you need to play your cards carefully.

The key is to use your units to damage some of the Cows so the Deranged one won't actually kill them. This gives you enough time to play out a huge number of units, then destroy the Deranged Cow using a Lyrian Arbalest twice by playing Decoy.

Our first puzzle from the Aedirn map, Born on Fire presents two Fire Golems, with the job of getting them to be the same power on the same row. This is challenging as one will remain at even power, and the other at odd, while damaging one causes it to switch rows.

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The key is using Regiment Drummers, then using two Lyrian Arbalests on the odd power Golem to send him to three power, exploiting his self-damaging ability.You'll use Decoy on a Drummer to stall the round out long enough, then play an Arbalest on an empty row to damage the even Golem down to three.

This puzzle, also found in Aedirn, requires you to destroy a variety of monsters in the aftermath of battle. You'll need to begin by destroying the Nekkers with your Rivian Sappers to control the Alghoul's strength during the battle (also be sure to hitthe Alghoul twice for four points total).

With no Nekkers to consume, the Alghoul stabilizes at 13 power - whichisthe same power as the Grave Hag in the other row. This makes them the highest strength units on the battlefield, so you can then play Scorch, destroying them.

In Mahakam, you'll pick up Gabor Zigrin, and after a time, your ally Gascon will challenge him to a drinking contest. You'll play as Gascon, and the key here is timing your cards for maximum effect.

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You'll gain Gawkers over the round as Gascon takes swigs of his beer, and you'll need to play the Splish Splash card to gain charges in order to drink a few times. You can play two of these cards, then play two Fortitude Tonics (without drinking) before you play Sudsy Inspiration, for a massive 20 swigs, letting you finish your beer the next round.

This puzzle in Lyria sees Meve's army encountering a D'ao, or Earth Elemental and the landslide it causes. All enemies need to be destroyed to defeat the puzzle, but destroying them causes new, stronger foes to appear.

Use your Wagenburg followed by a Lyrian Arbalest to destroy the first boulders, which will spawn an Elemental. Your War Wagon and Forager to destroy it, then play Reynard to destroy the ones it spawns. This leads to the D'ao, which can be defeated by playing a Lyrian Arbalest, then letting your Deathwish damage (activated by the D'ao naturally) to finish it off.

This puzzle in Angren sees you dealing with a Hym, which will copy each card you play. To destroy it, you need to make it play cards that damage itself.

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Start with Sangreal, a card that does nothing for the Hym. Follow up with Bekker's Dark Mirror to damage the Hym, and its copy will only affect your own units. Use the Dazhbog Runestone to damage your Scytheman and the Hym by 4 each - the Hym will only damage your Scytheman, and then you can play another Mirror to end the fight.

The goal of this puzzle in Mahakam is to keep Meve alive. The game starts with eight Boulders that will move to the row with the most unitsevery two turns and damage them all by two, then move them to the other row.

The key is then making sure that Meve is alone on a row most of the time. Play your Lyrian Scytheman cards away from Meve, and use the Strays Slingers to move them when needed. Meve will take some damage, but if you sequence your cards wisely, she will survive.

This Angren puzzle needs you to destroy a Grave Hag. The Hag will destroy all the lowest units at the start of its turn, but its Barghests will always return stronger than before.

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Play your four Royal Decrees, placing each Arbalest on different rows to damage the Barghests. This will end up with them having 11 power - play the Lyrian Horn to set both them and your Arbalests to nine, which sees all of them destroyed. The Barghests return at 13 power, and now you use the Skull to damage the Hag to nine power, making it destroy itself.

This puzzle in Rivia involves using Rotting Corpses to damage a pair of Deranged Cows. Each Corpse has a counter that increases by one each turn, damaging the Cows by that much when consumed.

You will need to sacrifice a couple of units to preserve the Corpse's counters so they can deal more damage. Use Retreat to sacrifice one unit to the Cow on the left, then use another to move your other unit to safety. You can now kill one Cow using a Poison card, and then kill the other by using the remaining two Poisons.

Workforce is a tricky puzzle in Rivia that sees you freeing workers from Nilfgaardian slavers. You'll need to be careful, as you can't let your allies die in this puzzle.

Playing a Scytheman and Meve's leader ability absorbs most of the damage from the Slaves' attacks. You can use the Horse Thief to mark a Slave, which will cause them to swap powers after a time. Using an Alchemist to power up the Horse Thief makes the Slave stronger, and then another Alchemist followed by a Lyrian Hajduk sets all the Slaves' power to 12, letting them destroy the Slave Drivers and winning the match.

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