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A lot of horror games that come out are looking to present a new scenario and a deep understanding of the purpose behind it. Camel 101 tried to have players looking at themselves in moral lighting with their latest title Those Who Remain. While I definitely have to say that they did a good job creating an interesting and new scenario for players to venture through, Im not so sure they did the best in executing the game itself.

Taking on the role of Edward, you find yourself going through one of the darkest and most telling nights of your life. After starting things off by pulling into a motel to meet your latest affair, albeit, with intentions of making things right, you find yourself venturing into the darkness in the town of Dormont. Can you make things right for not only yourself but those you come across as well?

Starting the game off you quickly end up figuring out that this game is based on reaching trigger points, finding notes or items that help you progress forward, and searching for whatever you need with subtle-to-no hints on what youre looking for. Whether you need a key to get into an area, a piece of information you can find on a note, or some random tool that applies to the section of the game you are in, you are mostly left to find this out on your own.

Boundaries in this game are set in a creative way as you have to stay within the light. A lot of progress will also involve whether you can turn a light on for an area or need to figure out how to light it up. Stepping into the darkness will get you instantly grabbed by one of the many shadow people that stand along the darkness edge, watching every move you make.

Occasionally you will come across an enemy that you have to avoid or run from. These moments change based on the creature that you are facing. Encounters with the different beings should all be handled accordingly and will require both quick thinking and stealth; unless you are forced to run from them, of course.

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THOSE WHO REMAIN Review: Fear Of The Dark And Heavy Decisions - GameTyrant

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