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There are many Pokmon games on the iPhone and the iPad. Although people are always trying to turn their iPhone into a GameBoy, here are all the official Pokmon games you can play on mobile right now.

Pokmon TCG Online: If youre a fan of the Trading Card game, here it is. It was the first mobile game The Pokmon Company ever released. Its available for macOS users and iPad users, and you can construct your deck, collect cards, and battle with your friends online. Whether you also buy physical cards, theres always a code to redeem in TCG Online. Download it here.

Pokmon Shuffle Mobile: This one launched in 2015. Following the Candy Crush success, Shuffle Mobile have to match tiles on a grid to deal damage to the enemy Pokmon. There are hundreds of levels to battle. The game uses a freemium format where sometimes you do need to pay to win, although most of it you can surpass with grinding. In 2018, the developer added the Mythical Pokmon Marshadow and never introduced any other monster, although the game is still playable. Download it here.

Pokmon GO: Developed by Niantic, Pokmon GO doesnt need an introduction. This is the game you can catch these creatures in the real world, engage with other trainers, battle, and use the LiDAR scanner of your iPhone 12 Pro to have a better AR experience. Pokmon GO recently surpassed $5 billion in revenue. Click here to download it.

Pokmon: Magikarp Jump: Almost a meme, In this game you need to capture a Magikarp and train it to increase its ability to jump out of water. Collect as many Magikarps as you can and aim higher to become the Magikarp Master. Download it here.

Pokmon Quest: The world is square, and so is the Pokmons. Using voxel-based representations of the monsters, players explore a world with a team of three Pokmon. You can build up a home base to lure new creatures to join you as well as face-off opponents in real-time battles. This game is available for the Nintendo Switch and iOS and iPadOS devices as well here.

Pokmon Masters EX: Explore the Pokmon world as never seen before. Collect Pokmon trainers on Pasio Island and get to know more about beloved characters in the main series and games. You can participate in battles with the computer or human opponents. Download it here.

Pokmon Smile: If you want help to brush your teeth, heres a fun way. It was released in June of 2020 and its destined for young children. Download it here.

Pokmon Playhouse: This iPad game is designed for children aged 3-5. They can interact with all kinds of cute Pokmon as they explore various locations, including a tower, lounge, and outdoor playground.Download it here.

Pokmon Caf Mix: This puzzle game is similar to the Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game, where a player connects icons together to advance missions. In this one, the player and Eevee are the owners of a caf where Pokmon come to order food and drinks. Download it here.

Pokmon UNITE: Launching in September, this MOBA takes players in 55 battles in ranked, standard, and quick matches. Collect and use your favorite creatures and take advantage of funny skins for them.

Pokmon Sleep is a game announced in 2019 but it has not launched yet. The game tracks the amount of time a user sleeps and communicates the data to the users iPhone for sleep-related gameplay. Its unclear how its going to work and apparently, its also unclear for the Pokmon Company as well.

Apart from that, Pokmon Rumble Rush and Pokmon Duel were once available for iPhones and iPad, but both of these games were discontinued a few years ago.

Did you know all of these games? Which one is your favorite? Tell us down in the comment section.

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