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Unlike many of the other games on this list, which have comparable (and superior) competitors, "Buildings Have Feelings Too!" scores points for an original premise, but falls flat by most other metrics.

On Steam, the game bills itself as a combination city builder/puzzle game, with less emphasis on micromanagement, and more narrative elements involving the game's unique living buildings. As Nintendo World Report's review states, technical glitches and slow load times hamper the experience on the Switch, but other issues abound, regardless of platform.

Gaming Age cites poorly-implemented tutorials with instructions rendered in small text against a dark background and a surprisingly challenging difficulty level that makes the title hard for new players to adopt. Mistakes in building placement are costly, and even though rewards trickle in steadily, they are not enough to offset the costs of experimentation. Even so, city-building fans who are looking for something different may still want to give the title a look, if only to speculate as to how its creative ideas could be executed more effectively.

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