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There are many puzzles in the Witcher games, but some are more cumbersome than others. Here are the hardest ones you can find!

The Witcheris a role-playing game card that's based on the novel series of The Witcher, written by a Polish author. The story is developed in a medieval fantasy world. It follows the tale of Geralt of Rivia, one of the traveling monster hunters who possesswitchers superpowers.

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Players control the Queen Meve, who guides an army to defeat an invading enemy. To win, a task has to be accomplished using scarce resources. There are many puzzles in the game, but some are more cumbersome than others. Here we unpack the top 10 hardest puzzles plus some tips on how to solve them.

In this puzzle, players are required to destroy a number of monsters by the end of the battle. To begin with, the Nekkers hasto be destroyed by the Rivian Sappers in order to curb the strength of the Alghoul atthe time of the battle.

Players should ensure that they hit the Alghoul twice to get four points. When the Alghoul has no Nekkers to consume, it stabilizes at the same power as the Grave Hag in the next row. The aftermath is a high strength unit on the battle, after which the player can scorchand destroy them.

In the Headstrongpuzzle, Players pick up Gabor Zigrin. After some time, Gascon allywill invite him to a drinking challenge. Players act as Gascon, and their aim is timing their cards for the best effect.

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The game participants gainGawkers as Gascon takes charge of his drink. They can play Splash cardsand gain charges to drink several times. Two cards can be played, accompanied by two Fortitude Tonics before they participate in Sudsy Inspiration for a whole20 swings.

The first map involves a Deranged cow that tries to destroy the lowest cow among a herdof cows. Meve, on the other hand, tries to save the cows from danger. When a cow dies, that means failure.

The goal is that players should use their units to destroy some cows so that the Deranged doesn'tget a chance to kill them. This increases the chances of playing many units and then destroying the deranged by use of a Lyrian Albert two times through a Decoy.

This puzzle presents two fireGolens at the beginning of the game. Gamers need to get them on the same row and the same power. The challenge is that one remains at odd power while the other is at even.

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When you damage one of them, it automatically switches the rows. The secret here is to use Regiment Drummers, then two Lyrian Arbalests, on odd power to give three powers. This destroys his ability to self-damage. Gamers should destroy the even Golem to three by playing an Arbalest on a row that's not occupied.

The Meve army encounters an Earth Elemental or a Dao and the landslides that comewith it. Destroying an enemy brings more and stronger ones to appear, and they all have to be destroyed to win the puzzle.

Players should use the Wageburg and a Lyrian Arbalest to defeat the first boulders. Reynard can be used to damage the ones in spawns. A D'ao will then appear, but it can be defeatedby playing a Lyrian Arbalest, then letting a death wish to finish it.

Players encounter a Hymthat copies each card they play. The Hym is defeated by letting it play cards and doesself-damage. The participants should start with a card that does not affect the Hym- the Sangreal.

They should then damage the Hym by a Bekkers Dark Mirror. They can theninvolve anothermirror to bring the fight to an end.

The puzzle entails some rotting corpses that are used to damage two Deranged cows. The corpses have a counter that increases after each turn.

To preserve counters of the corpses, players need to sacrifice two units. A retreat is used to sacrifice a cow by a poison card; they finish the other using the remaining poisons.

This is a puzzle that involves setting workers free from Nilfgaardian slavers. Gamers need to be careful not to let their allies get damaged in the puzzle.

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Scytheman and Meves absorbdamagefrom slave's attackers. The use of two Alchemistsaccompanied by a Lyrian Hajduk brings the slave's power to 12. At this point, the gamer can destroy the Drivers of the Slave and win the match.

For the Snowball flight puzzle, gamers deal with eight builders that move to the row with the maximum number of units. The main key is to ensure that most of the Meve is mostly alone in a particular row.

Players are required to play their Lyrian Scytheman cards far from the Meve. The Mever survives if players arrange their cards appropriately.

This puzzle requires the player to damage a Grave Hag. The Hag destroys the lowest units at the beginning of the turn. However, its Barghest turns with more strength than before. Gamers play their four Royal Decrees by placing each Arbaleston a separate row to finish the Barghests; This makes them have 11 powers. They should then play the Lyrian Horn to set Albelests to 9; hence all of them are destroyed.

When it comes to the gameplay, three cameras are available; two isometric views where the mouse controls the games functions and over the shoulder view that take the player inthe game combat. Players can choose a specific style to use against different enemies.

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