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Emma McCandless October 31st, 2021 - 2:47 PM

The best part about October is all of the new spooky games that are released. If the aesthetic of these games had to be summed up in just three words it would have to be dark, elegant, and ominous. Every game this month associated with Halloween had a really great art style that is breath of fresh air from the cheerful puzzle games of summer. Of course, not every game is a part of the spooky scary trend. There are still some light-hearted colorful games as well as some very tactical and analytical ones. There is something for everyone on this list, so be sure to read until the end to find the perfect game to fulfill your mobile gaming fix.

#10. Me Is King

This game is a great way to pass time quickly as it keeps the player very engaged during gameplay that is simple yet incredibly addicting. It is a fast-paced civilization builder where players must decide how to use resources in order to build up their civilization. There is almost no strategy involved and is not competitive. The cute characters and quick progression make it great for playing on the go where you may only have a minute or two to check-in.

Me Is King is available on iOS and Android devices for free.

#9. Soccer Manager 2022

Soccer Manager is a simulation game where players become the manager of a prominent soccer team and manage the tactics, finances, and training of real-life players. An finite attention to detail makes this game the closest replica to the actual experience of a soccer manager. The players height, weight, and play style is all programmed to make the game strategy as plausible as possible. If you have a love for soccer, you will want to give this game a try.

Soccer Manager 2022is available on iOS and Android systems for free.

#8. Kitty Q

This is a great game to get younger kids interested in science. Kitty Q is a puzzle game that also teaches the concepts of quantum physics! How does it do all this? By teaching Erwin Schrdigers theory of Schrdigners cat. By solving a series of puzzles the player is challenged to take care of the spooky half dead, half alive kitty that shows up at your doorstep. Its a great game for the coming of Halloween and has a really unique game concept that is worth looking into.

Kitty Qis available on iOS and Android systems for free.

#7. Hundred Days

This is a wine-making simulation game where players are challenged to run a business and create their own brand of wine. The game tracks every step of the process from the vine to the bottle. This game is best known for teaching its players a vast amount of information about the technique of winemaking. It is not competitive but instead analytical. You must be conscious of the choices you make so that your winery is making the most amount of profit possible. With a little patience and an excitement for wine production, Hundred Days can be very rewarding. It is calming yet challenging.

Hundred Daysis available on iOS and Android devices for $5.99 USD.

#6. Botworld Adventure

In this RPG adventure game, players will get to choose between a cat, dog, lizard, or buffalo for their avatar. From here, your unique character will travel around the diverse world collecting parts for their bots. Bots are used for attack and defense purposes in bot battles. More powerful bots will last much longer in battle. In addition, there is a narrative arc for the player to enjoy yet still a good balance between storyline and gameplay. The battles are simple yet maintain a small level of strategy that keeps the player engaged. This fantasy world is very well developed, so it is great for those that love explorer games.

Botworld Adventureis available on iOS and Android systems for free.

#5. Influent

This is a language learning game that puts a narrative twist onto your ordinary definitions and vocab lists. Help a scientist gain back the rights to his stolen language learning device by using it to learn the names of objects around you in a new language. The player is placed into an apartment along with a variety of objects. The player is challenged to fly in the inventors specially designed toy ship to learn the name of objects and place them on a vocabulary list. Once the list is assembled, you get to play games with them, such as finding each object and shooting it with lasers. This game puts a really fun twist onto language. It is best used in conjunction with other language learning techniques as it only teaches vocab. No grammar or sentence structure options are available.

Influentis available on iOS systems only for free.

#4. Slender: The Arrival

Perfect to get your Halloween scare on! Slender: The Arrival has players trudging through the forest at night in order to solve the mystery of a missing woman. It is a problem solving game as well as a jump scare horror. The graphics are amazing for a mobile game, and the gameplay is challenging. What makes it so scary is the first person point of view that totally immerses the player while simultaneously making it much more disorienting as the view is drastically limited. If you want to feel scared, this game will definitely get the job done.

Slender: The Arrival is available on iOS and Android systems for free.

#3. Get Together: A Coop Adventure

The best quality of Get Together: A Coop Adventure is that it strengthens the bond of the two participating players. This is a duo adventure game where two players must team up together to form two halves of a puzzle. Each person is given their own set of clues to the puzzle at hand. The solution only becomes apparent when all the clues are gathered so that strong communication and teamwork is necessary to play. The game takes place in a unique fantasy world with new things to explore. This is a great way to pass time with someone that you are close to and has a really unique art style to keep its players engaged.

Get Together: A Coop Adventureis available on iOS and Android systems for $3.99 USD.

#2. Townscaper

Townscaper is an incredibly relaxing creativity booster that has been described by its developers as more of a toy than a game. Transform an empty ocean into bustling island cities. Players pick the color of the building they would like to create and place it down anywhere on the asymmetrical grid. The complicated algorithm transforms your buildings into quirky streets, alleys, homes, and apartments that can take the form of anything your mind can imagine.

Townscaperis available on iOS and Android systems for $4.99 USD.

#1. Horror Brawl: Battle Royal

As the name implies, this is a battle royal game for ten players. Everyone chooses a character out of the four high schoolers available to play as. Each character has its own pros and cons. Then, the players are placed at random throughout the map where they must find sufficient weapons to attack and defend against other players. Either hunt or be hunted, but the end goal is to find the Nazrat portal and escape to safety. There are so many more features to this game that make it a true hidden gem. Turn yourself into a scary monster by finding specific items or complete quests outside of battles to upgrade your competitiveness. This game is light-hearted and enjoyable, yet can also be spooky and challenging. There have been some reports of glitching and lagging from players, so it is recommended to play this game in a place with a strong internet connection.

Horror Brawl: Battle Royalis available on iOS and Android systems for free.

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