The puzzle game coming to the Apple Arcade is unique today – Positively Scottish

Lumen The new game in which Apple Arcade welcomes February. At first glance and if you already know some games of game service, you can see the strange graphic offer. As the title described A puzzle game with unique mechanics based on an ancient mystery.

To collect the puzzle, Players must solve levels using lights, lenses, mirrors and puzzles Making progress in a system that is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

developed by Studio pleasureWith cross-saving save, lumens are considered to be the perfect game ever for short or long sessions on any Apple device. According to the summary available on Apple Arcade:

You will find yourself in the old attic and discover the mysterious old box of Mrs. Olivia McLumen, who lived in Scotland a hundred years ago and was a great inventor in her time

She tells you that all the stories about her inventions are stored on a film frame in the box, and you have to restore them using light. After a quick tutorial, players will learn how to solve each puzzle with a lens and How to bounce light rays out of the mirror and highlight Olivias story.

Lumens proposal invites players Explore a fun world created with the following features:

Single Game Mode: Solve the puzzle hidden in the old box with lights, mirrors and lenses

To unlock fun movie frames: Observe all the stories of inventions preserved by Olivia McLumen

Retro Environment: Touch, touch, see, listen and enjoy all the beautiful old things.

Lumen is available later this week on iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV, as part of a monthly subscription of 4.99 euros or some Apple One offer.

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The puzzle game coming to the Apple Arcade is unique today - Positively Scottish

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