The Pillar is Headed to Mobile in 2021 –

Nathan Anderson December 31st, 2020 - 6:52 PM

Paper Bunker, the developers of games such as Horror Nights Story and Goat vs Zombies, has announced that its hit first person puzzle game,The Pillar, will be coming to mobile in 2021. The Pillar released earlier this year to Steam, Microsoft, and Poki. If you are a puzzle solving master but cant wait to play The Pillar, try accessing the game from one of those three options on the official Paper Bunker website here.

The Pillar will require players to think outside of the box when it comes to solving each individual puzzle, as is the key attraction for most puzzle games. Some puzzles will be harder than others, but the thing for players to remember is to look at the whole scenario and look at each puzzle from different angles.

The player will be able to explore the grounds of what look to be an abandoned monastery with various large pink/purple pillars scattered around the place. The significance of these pillars are yet to be determined and the reason for the player actively solving each puzzle is equally unknown. What is known is that each puzzle will cause a reaction such as: opening a door, giving you a tool, unlocking a new puzzle, and even opening a portal. Though the end goal is yet unknown, the mystery behind it all may be the biggest puzzle of the game.

With basic style graphics and a soothing soundtrack, players will be entranced in their puzzle solving as they are soothed by the magnificent style of gameplay offered to them by developers. The Pillar is likely to be a fantastic puzzle game that will be adored by fans in the future, especially when it is released to mobile. Until it is officially released to mobile, you can check out all the other games Paper Bunker has to offer.

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The Pillar is Headed to Mobile in 2021 -

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