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2020 may have been chaotic for most, but these 10 peaceful, chilled-out games were fortunately there to make things more bearable.

2020 was a rough, exhausting, and often painful year. Luckily, there were lots of peaceful, chilled-out, engaging games to help everyone make it through.Toescape the pandemic, veteran gamers and novices alike took to their devices to vicariously live out newadventures.

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Thetitles on this list are fun, quirky, relaxing, hilarious, and moving games that got humanity through lockdowns, protests, blistering summer days, and frigid winter nights. From Xbox to Switch, PlayStation, and PC, here are 10 of most peaceful games of 2020, ranked.

In Bugsnax, players traverse through the mysterious island of Snaktooth, filled with creatures called "bugsnax," so-named because they're half-bug and half-snack. Gamers must explore the island, get to know the locals, and capture the bugsnax using various contraptions and tools.

The colorful design and rounded graphics envoke memories of games like Viva Pinata and Banjo-Kazooie, and the queer inclusivity of the game has even led to a GLAAD nomination. During a time of turmoil, it feels great to get lost in paradise. Best of all, there's already talk of future gamesin the budding series.

Gorgeous graphics, relaxed gameplay, and the glory of nature; playing Pikmin feels like a journey through the garden. In this puzzle-esque game, gamers control Pikmin,little plant creatures who all have special abilities, to help find fruit and fight off bad guys.

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Pikmin 3 was originally released in 2013 for the Wii U, but, in 2020, the Deluxe version was launched for the Switch with increased gameplay modes, and all the DLC included. Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a perfect blend ofbeauty and challenge.

In 2015, Ori and the Blind Forest became a smash hit. It received universal acclaim and was nominated for numerous video games awards, winning eight. In 2020, the sequel,Ori and the Will of the Wisps, was released and became a hit of its own.

The game follows Ori, a little spirit who must findits way back home. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is wonderful, dark, and enchanting at the same time. The colors all glow right off the screen, and the entire game feels like a storybook come to life. Gamers will find a good amount of adventure and challenge, but also a fun and relaxing gameplay.

In Carto, you play as the title character, a young girl hoping to find her way back to her family. Carto has the power to create and manipulate landscapes, creating new paths to discover more of the ever-expanding world around her.

It's mainly a puzzle game, and there's no real fighting or combat to speak of. Instead, players get to enjoy the game's style, become engrossed in the unveiling story, and meet fun characters along the way. It'sa cozy, family-friendly game that's perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Ooblets was the feel-good summer game of 2020. It's part Pokmon, part Animal Crossing, part Pikmin, and part Stardew Valley. As confusing as that may sound, the game has actually been hailed by critics and players.

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The titular Ooblets are small, planet-like creatures that bear similarities to pokmon, but, rather than fighting, they battle by holding dance-offs. The game is also loaded with gardening, exploring the town, completing tasks, and getting to know the townspeople. All in all, the game is silly, fun, and extremely chill. If anyone is in need of relaxation and a good laugh, this is the game.

Spiritfarer seemed to do the impossible; it's a wholesome, pleasant game... about death and dying. In Spiritfarer, gamers play as a ferry operatorthat must find and care for spirits, and, ultimately, help usher them into the afterlife.

The game received universal praise, and its release during a pandemic seemed highly appropriate, as it gave players a healthy and safe space to come to terms with mortality, death, and the afterlife. But, despite the grim-sounding plot, the game is extremely welcoming, fun, and happy.

For anyone missing travel, or even anyone who just wishes they could get up and fly away from the stress of the day, Microsoft's famous Flight Simulator series is the perfect solution. In the game, players can operate everything from a tiny propeller plane, all the way to a massive Boeing 747.

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The graphics are stunning, and gamers have a wide range of airports and cities to fly to and from. Highlights include soaring over mountains, descending into the glow of Los Angeles at night, and circling around Manhattan.

This much-hailed indie hit was a finalist at the 2020 Independent Games Festival and has already created quite the reputation for its developer, Turnfollow. The game centers around a simple weekend getaway. Many have compared it to an interactive movie or novelsince gamres are mostly along for the ride, enjoying activities like swimming, sitting by the campfire, and roasting hot dogs.

The real joy of the game comes from the storyline. Through the camping trip, the family learns new things about each other, meets some interesting fellow vacationers, and has a weekend they'll never forget.

In 2007, a new, very odd game was released. it was called Endless Ocean, and, in general, it didn't have much of a plot. Instead, the main purpose of the game was to simply enjoy the beauty of our oceans. The game became a hit, spawning a sequel, as well many other ocean adventure games like Abzu, and 2020's Beyond Blue.

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Beyond Blue is both educational and relaxing.The plot centers around a diver who explores the oceans, discovering and learning about various marine species. The game was made in partnership with BBC, the makers of Blue Planet, as well as scientists and oceanographers, to create a beautiful, informative, and relaxing gaming experience.

By now, everyone knows of the new Animal Crossing game. It provided the world an escape from the pandemic, and even celebrities and politicians like Brie Larson, Elijah Wood, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got in on the fun. In the game, you build your own island, interact with new friends, and meet some very interesting villagers. The game is a mix of simulator and RPG, and there's no fighting or danger, making it a perfectly calm and relaxing escape from the stresses of daily life.

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