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If you've already watched every Halloween movie, strewn ghostly decorations throughout the house, and hit your nearby spooky festivals, but you still haven't settled on a socially distant Halloween soire theme, look no further than a virtual murder mystery party. This interactive online game night isn't your typical Zoom happy hour. These fun digital party games not only offer the camaraderie (and costumes!) you're looking for, but they also encourage you to think outside the box and lean into your best problem-solving skills.

Sound intriguing, but worry your (or Aunt Susan's) technological skills aren't up to snuff? Virtual murder mystery parties for adults are actually fairly inexpensive (expect to spend about $30 to $40 for self-hosted games) and easy to organize, thanks to an emergence of live hosted services and downloadable packages. If you're hosting, all you have to do is pick your themefrom 80s prom gone wrong to intercontinental assassinsbuy a kit, get a group together, set a date and time, and make sure you all have access to the internet and a singular streaming platform like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Then, you'll send out the instructions provided for youtypically via email or an easy upload service like Dropbox.

Of course, you can also go the free route, crafting the entire virtual murder mystery yourself, including everyone's character descriptions. Though totally doable, there is a downside: It takes a lot more leg work, since you'll have to dig deep into your imagination to create your own story line, then assign the cast, and guide participants through the puzzle.

No matter which route you go, plan to set aside somewhere between one to two hours for the big event. (Duration depends largely on the amount of participants.) And, for the best experience, encourage your fellow players to review their part beforehand and dress in character for the occasion. If you're working with a service, don't worry about any prep worktheir host will do the legwork for you. But if you're writing your own story line or buying a kit and hosting yourself, make sure to email instructions and character scripts ahead of time. And don't worry: In the vast majority of cases, there's no special technical skills like "side chatting" necessaryyou simply run through a pre-prepared script together, letting the mystery unfold.

To make the experience as easy (and therefore fun) as possible, we've gathered more than two dozen fully fleshed out games. All you have to do is download and play.

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The Most Fun Virtual Murder Mystery Parties You Can Host This Halloween - Oprah Mag

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