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If you're looking forward to The Haunting of Bly Manor, consider tiding yourself over with a tabletop games for some interactive horror fun.

With the release ofThe Haunting of Bly Manor still a month away, finding the right entertainment to scratch that spooky itch can be a conundrum. While other horror shows and movies may offer a glimpse of that aesthetic, the best way pass the time until its release might be with the right spooky tabletop game that lets players get involved in the horror in a more interactive way.

These three games evoke the Halloween atmosphere in cool ways and are perfect to play while waiting forBly Manor to drop. They tellscary stories through interactive gameplay, making them perfect for players who love this time of year. They also feature important components of The Haunting at Bly Manor's story, including ghosts, murders, tragic families and, of course, the titular haunted houses.

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Nothing is more Halloween than the haunted house, andBetrayal at Houseon the Hillinvites players through the creaky front doorsof the best haunted house in tabletop gaming. Players explore a house that is randomly-generated and different for every playthrough. Asplayers uncover rooms, they also collect items and experience spooky events, ultimately uncovering the exact nature of what is haunting the house.

WhereBetrayal at House on the Hill excels is the horror-rich atmosphere it creates. It is also unique in tabletop gaming in that it starts out as a co-operative game, with all characters working together to explore the house, but ultimately turns one player against the rest, making it both a co-op and competitive game.

The name of the game is clearly meant to reference Shirley Jackson's novelThe Haunting of Hill House,which also provided the source material for the season precedingThe Haunting of Bly Manor. Not only isBetrayal a spooky game, perfect for this time of year, but it's alsoa perfect tie-in with theBly Manorseries, making ita great game to play to tide people over until theseason'srelease.

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Mysterium plays a little bit likethe old stand-by boardgameCluein which playerstry to solve a murder by identifying the location, weapon and culprit. UnlikeClue, however, players are being fed information about the murder from the victim themself. One player acts as the ghost, passing visual clues to each player to help them solve the case.The game offers each player their own murder-mystery to solve but plays collaboratively overall, especially in the end.

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