The First Trailer for Puzzle Game ‘Unpacking’ Has Been Released And It’s Very Satisfying – PVP Live

If you enjoy puzzle games and unpacking your things out of boxes, then this game is a definite must-play for you. Unpacking is a zen puzzle game developed by Witch Beam, and it has a pretty straightforward concept.

The general game takes place after you have moved houses and you have to unpack your belongings and place them neatly in your brand-new abode. The first trailer for this title has been released and if you enjoy cleaning up and arranging, then you will definitely enjoy this relaxing preview.

Normally, you wouldnt find unpacking to be such a relaxing and cathartic chore. However, Witch Beam has totally changed our minds regarding that aspect. The gameplay appears to be simple enough: you take out clothes and other items from boxes and neatly place them in the nook and crannies of the room you are in.

Whats more, theres no correct way when unpacking and arranging your things, which makes Unpacking all the more relaxing, as it lifts any pressure off your shoulders. Do you want to hang your clothes or keep them folded in a drawer? Its completely up to you!

Unpackings Steam page describes it as part item Tetris and part home decoration, which we find to be completely true. Also, you dont have to worry about the boxes, as they will pop out of existence as soon as it has been emptied.

If you spend way too much time decorating your house in The Sims or Animal Crossing, then Unpacking is a game you should definitely try. Witch Beam hasnt revealed the titles release date yet, but its Steam page says sometime in 2021.

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The First Trailer for Puzzle Game 'Unpacking' Has Been Released And It's Very Satisfying - PVP Live

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