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Ah, March. Coming after February you have always subconsciously felt like a bit of a slog. And this March has been made even worse by essentially being an extension of March 2020, the last time many of us looked up from our consoles. Save for those that managed to plug in a new, next-gen console.

But once again we are here to offer you some assistance, by helping you become more productive in your Xbox achievement hunting. You know the drill by now, each month we steal some of the easiest achievements for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games released in the month just gone, so anyone looking for something new to play need look no further. And without any further ado, lets have a look at what March 2021 brought us.

Were kicking off this month with a game that promises a full 1000G of easy Gamerscore, but were only going to focus on one puzzle. Not that it is any easier than the others, simply that it is the first chronologically in the achievement list.

Crypto by POWGI is a codebreaker word puzzle game where you need to decipher the code and reveal a quote by a famous person. Unforgettable is for revealing a quote by legendary crooner Nat King Cole.

The quote itself is Im a businessman. I work for business people. The kind of thing they say is: Now weve sold a lot of records, lets sell some more. Input these letters in beneath the code on the left hand screen and you will have 30G, and the knowledge of how to unlock the remaining 31 achievements.

If this doesnt help, then under the alphabet table in the bottom right corner fill in the squares like below:


There you go, two solutions for one achievement depending on how you work. We are too good to you.

Also, check out the picture for half an idea on how to complete the puzzle for the Madonna quote and another 30G.

Our next achievement really cannot be described in more than one way. There is only one solution for this achievement, and it is dead easy.

Load up GraviFire, start a new game, and bleep bloop, you have 40G.

Of course, thats easy enough, but what even is GraviFire on Xbox? Well, it is a block pushing puzzle game with a neat little gravity manipulation feature thrown in. The whole 1000G is easy enough with a bit of trial and error, but the rest of the achievements require you to actually play the levels. Sadly, they dont all unlock during the opening cutscene.

If youve ever read one of these lists before, then youll know just how many achievements are awarded for completing the tutorial (Stay tuned for a couple just like this later on).

Cant Drive This offers something akin to this, but slightly different. A cooperative driving game yes, driving where one person drives while another builds the road in front of you. It is as chaotic as it sounds, and you will be glad you have a tutorial to help you fathom out what the hell is going on.

However, the tutorials on offer here are actually just videos to watch. On the plus side, fewer button presses towards an achievement, but negatively, you may feel a bit stranded when first starting. Watch all of the videos on offer though and you have a nice 30G booster.

Hands up who can touch the ceiling of the room they are in right now? Not me.

Hands up those that just looked up at their ceiling and thought, Nah? Yes me.

Now though, if there was a 50G achievement riding on whether you could or not, I bet a few more of us would certainly give it a try.

Whilst it may be tricky to do at home, it isnt in Explosionade DX. This side-scrolling run and gun has you piloting a mech that can shoot and stomp thousands and thousands of blobby aliens. What is not to love with that explanation?!

For the achievement though, start the game and then check whether you can touch the ceiling with your shield. Spoiler alert: you can, and will earn a lovely 50G achievement for doing so.

Were ending this month with a decent triple-header, that can all be done in a single movement.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 is a monster truck driving game. Race, trick and stunt in these hulking behemoths, all from the comfort of your sofa!

But were not racing for these particular achievements. Were launching a monster truck fast, high and long. The achievement names are pretty self-explanatory.

Load up the arena and find yourself a big jump there are plenty to choose from. Back it up as far as you can and then punch it, Chewie! Hit a speed of over 100.31mph or 161.43km/h for our metric friends to unlock Speed Demon. Hit the ramp and reach a height of over 33.8 feet and a distance of 237.7 feet for the Sky High and Long Jumper achievements respectively. Three achievements, one jump, 45G.

Ok one more achievement. Finish the tutorial in Mail Mole for 15G. Nice and simple, you know what to do.

And thats your lot for this month! But what should we expect to see in next months list? Well, we have an excellent preview of the big hitters coming in April. So, take a look at that and let us know in the comments what games you are hoping to have some easy achievements from next month.

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