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PlayStation never ended up dominating the handheld gaming market, but it did create two handheld consoles. The PSP, released in 2005, gave people a unique on-the-go multimedia device. In February 2012, Sony released the PS Vita with the intention of giving gamers a console-quality experience they could take with them anywhere. That may seem like a lofty ambition, but it's one that Sony more or less achieved. The Vita had an astounding array of features: an OLED screen, dual joysticks, front- and back-facing cameras, and two touch screens. In addition, the Vita used a hybrid model for its games, meaning players could buy physical game cartridges or download games directly from the PlayStation Store.

Despite all that functionality, the Vita ended up selling only around 16 million units, as compared to the PSP's estimated 80 million (via The Verge). The handheld's biggest problem was its timing. The Vita came out after smartphones blew up the market and put convenient on-the-go games in everyone's pocket. At the same time, the Vita released before typical broadband capabilities matched its most ambitious goals, like exclusively digital games and remote play for console titles. A few years in either direction might have saved the Vita, but instead its dwindling sales encouraged Sony to refocus its efforts on home consoles.

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The Biggest Console Flops Of All Time - Looper

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