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Lets get this out of the way: Given all the ~everything~, simply releasing a game in 2021 is nothing short of a miracle. Every single one deserves a round of applause. But some, lets face it, are better than others. As summer wraps, we thought itd be fun to shine a light on the games that have excited us, moved us, and kept us going throughout a relentless and challenging year. Maybe youd like to check them out, too.

We also fully recognize that time is precious, and that theres no reasonable way youll ever be able to play all of these before the calendar strikes 2022at which point a whole other raft of excellent-looking games will start to trickle out, clamoring for your free moments. To that end, weve provided rough estimates for how long itd take you to beat each game, citing figures from the eternally helpful

Here, in no particular orderwell, save for Hitman 3 coming in first, obviouslyare the best video games of 2021. So far.

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The Best Video Games Of 2021 So Far - Kotaku

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