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Middle-earth: Shadow of War might be the best Lord of the Rings game ever, but its predecessor was no slouch.Shadow of Mordorintroduced many of the mechanics Monolith perfected in Shadow of War, presenting a dark and gritty side to the Tolkien canon. By playing fast and loose with the mythology of Middle-earth without ever straying too far from it, Shadow of Mordor proved it was possible to tell an original Lord of the Rings-adjacent story that didn't fall flat on its face.

Sure, the lead character of Talion feels like a bit of an Aragorn clone, much in the same way Dash Rendar stood in for Han Solo in someStar Wars games. Also, as noted in GamesRadar's original review,a few of the side quests feel slightly repetitive, not unexpected for a new open-world franchise finding its way. Still, the foundation thatShadow of Mordorestablished cannot be understated. It just barely misses being the bestLOTRvideo game.

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The 6 best and 6 worst Lord of the Rings games - Looper

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