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Calming and relaxing games are considered to be essential for surviving the hectic and stressful year of 2020. Despite the fact that not everyone finds enjoyment in mobile gaming, Starry Garden: Animal Park presents itself as a simple and soothing game that is sure to be adored by everyone, of any age.

This easy-to-play mobile game follows a simple and amusing storyline constellations were created by adorable cats. Players begin the game by meeting their first manager, a star-gazing kitten, and summoning their first Starry Garden pet. From there, the game truly charms its audience, as players are free to relax to the games calming BGM, as they follow and click along to the helpful cats paw on their screen.

Starry Garden: Animal Park involves the constant levelling up of your managers and their different gardens, clearing various missions, collecting rewards, unlocking constellations and summoning a vast array of lovely animals. All of these objectives are relatively simple and easy to complete, as the aim of the game is not to win or finish the game. Instead players are able to take their time to relax, while they enjoy the dreamy visuals and tranquil music.

This whimsical PUBCON game is currently both available on both Android and iOS devices. PUBCON is a Seoul-based game developer thats been active since 2018. They operate under, and are owned by, Gamepub. While Gamepub is most known for their successful RPG mobile games, such as Weapon Heroes: Infinity Forge and Final Fate TD, PUBCON is recognized for its entertaining puzzle games their most popular one being Bubble Shooter: Marine Boy.

Theres no end to how cute Starry Garden: Animal Park is, as its visuals are almost reminiscent of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. However, this adorable game cant be written off as just a simple tapping game, as it possesses unique features that are sure to be enjoyed by many. Collecting constellations and planets isnt all that players are able to do. The game also includes an AR feature that allows players to view constellations and planets in accordance to their actual location which ultimately makes for an interesting and educational experience.

Starry Garden: Animal Park essentially proves to be a game thats great for everyone. After all, who doesnt appreciate adorable graphics and relaxing music? If youre also into collecting items, this game was made for you, as it is highly unlikely that youd run out of things to unlock for your virtual garden.

YouTube: [Starry Garden]

Photo Credit: PUBCON

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