St. Louis didn’t fit the puzzling puzzle that is an NHL hub city –

In any event, thats not a ton of visitors, and even if cities open up later this season, its not like the players and coaches are expected to be roaming all over town spending money at restaurants or clubs. The whole point of the hub city concept is to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. The idea is to keep the playoff participants in a tight bubble of hotel, arena and practice rinks. (And also to avoid multiple plane flights.)

Even so, without knowing the particulars of each citys bid, or what exactly the NHL was evaluating, theres a lot to the 10-city list that is puzzling.

For starters is the fact that Columbus, Pittsburgh and Toronto are the only Eastern Conference teams in the mix. It would make sense wouldnt it to have the 12 Eastern teams playing in an Eastern city. Well, there are only three options.

We're going to go to the places that (fit) in terms of the logistics, the health issue I talked about, the testing issue I talked about, the governmental issues we talked about, Bettman said. We're not hung up on east-west. For TV scheduling it may be better if we're in different time zones, but we're going to go to the places that we think are the safest and make the most sense medically at the time.

As for the three Canadian cities in the mix, that country still has a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine period for international visitors. So as things stand now, if Edmonton, Toronto or Vancouver became a host city, arriving players that werent already in Canada would have to wait two weeks before they could get on the ice, which obviously would put a crimp in the return to play schedule.

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St. Louis didn't fit the puzzling puzzle that is an NHL hub city -

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