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Cubes and magnet panels will be the main pieces you are working with when moving forward through a puzzle. Magnet panels can be changed between the red and blue magnets just as the cube can. The way the magnets works are exactly how you learned in science class; opposites attract while the same repel. This means that if you want the cube to stick to another cube or a panel, they need to be opposite colors. If you want them to repel, they need to be the same color.

A lot of times you will have to make the two different colors, let them connect, and then change one of their colors so the cube is thrown forward. Typically, it can just get a little bit of distance before falling to the ground. This is where gravity manipulation comes in. Cubes can have their gravity turned off so that when they are thrown forward, they stay at the same level they are at and keep moving. Eventually, the game will have you play with this idea by having you place a cube near a magnet panel, turn off the gravity, and then make it the same color as the panel so it flies up diagonally.

My favorite ending to a puzzle is when you arent just trying to remove a golden grid and rather trying to take a ride on a cube to an upper area. Sometimes it is simply being lifted like an elevator or getting on a joyride bouncing between magnets so that you can weave through pillars. It is the epitome of how they get you to use magnet and gravity manipulation creatively in order to solve their elaborate puzzles.

This game provides some wonderful scenery. Even with the details being only expansive enough to be a brilliant background whether it is in the background or up close, it still does a great job providing a beautiful sight for you to look at as you solve the puzzles. Its perfect for short breaks to rest your mind when struggling or just in between puzzles.

Instead of focusing on music, they opted for various soundscapes to go with each map. In ways, I want to say this was a better choice because it doesnt distract you from solving puzzles while still giving your some kind of noise to fill the silence, all while doubling as an added aspect to build the environment. Plus, the sci-fi sound effects used when activating things with the gloves never got old!

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