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QB Planets takes a giant Rubix cube and creates a puzzle game with it, having you twist and turn it as you wander around pretty places in search of stars.

QB Planets allows you to rotate a large cube planet, twisting it around as your character walks around. As you do so, youre trying to find three stars that unlock a portal to the next level. The cube world works like a Rubix cube, so you can move the segments around, changing the orientation of the world and moving safe or dangerous platforms to different positions so you can make your journey safely.

There are a bunch of different quests within the game as well, encouraging you to interact with your environment instead of rushing through the puzzles. The game also has global challenges, different character outfits, a variety of ships, and much more to unlock and play around with. All of the different worlds that you encounter throughout the game have different mechanics that you will need to master as you continue to move forward as well.

Whether its avoiding going backwards due to ice cracking or turning some gears in a more mechanical world, there is really just a lot of variety and fun in QB Planets, which I got the chance to take a look at myselfduring the Big Indie Pitch Digital . And the visuals, once again, are just really lovely.

QB Planets is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can follow its creation on Twitter.

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'QB Planets' Takes Players to a World of Beautiful Cube Puzzles - Indie Games Plus

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