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Every month, Sony adds and removes games from its streaming service, PlayStation Now. Here's what's subscribers are getting in September.

While we continue waiting for more news regarding the PlayStation 5, there are still plenty of reasons to keep going back to the PS4. In addition to major new games releasing in the coming weeks, PlayStation Now's already massive library continues to grow each month.

September adds four new games to the service, each of which offers a unique experience and hours of gameplay. Whether you're a fan of horror, RPGs, sports or puzzles, PlayStation Now has something for you this month.

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The most recent numbered entry in the Resident Evil series is coming to both PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass this month. The 2017 game was praised as a return to form for the series and an improvement over previous games that, controversially, put action above horror. It also introduced first-person gameplay to the series, highlighting the unsettling setting and increasing the tension.

In Resident Evil 7, players control Ethan Winter, a man searching the Baker House for his missing wife, fighting the Bakers and the Molded along the way. With Ethan returning for next year'sResident Evil Villageand Netflix announcing a Wesker-focused seriesis in the works, now is a great time to jump into RE7. It will be available on PS Now until November 30.

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Anotherrecent entry in a legendary and long-running series joins PS Now this month. Final Fantasy XV may not be the most iconic game in the franchise, but it's still a solid RPG that deserves a chance. Much of the criticism surrounding the game centers on its plot, which is a decent story that's told over the course of spin-offs and DLC packs. Despite this, the dynamic between protagonist Prince Noctis and his friendsis a highlight ofthe game,

Regardless,FFXV's realistic visuals and fast-paced gameplay are worth experiencing. If you're someone who missed out on the game or avoided it based on the criticism it received, this is a great chance to see the game for yourself. It will be available until March 1, 2021.

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The series is taking a year off afterlast year's release of thepoorly-received WWE 2K20, instead releasing the cartoonish style WWE 2K Battlegrounds later this month. However, while2K Sports skipping WWE 2K21 may be the right choice, fans missing the realistic-looking graphics and gameplay of the main series can now play WWE 2K19 on PlayStation Now. This title was seen as a step up for the series, with its MyCareer mode being called an improvement over previous campaigns. WWE 2K19 also boasts a variety of modes, match types and extensive customization options, as well as a huge roster of WWE and NXT Superstars and Legends.

The only gamecoming to PlayStation Now thismonth that's not part of a major license or franchise is Observation, an adventure-puzzle game in a sci-fi setting. The game takes place in 2026 onthe space station Observation, which orbits the Earth. After something causes the station to lose power and sends it spinning, its up to medical officer Dr. Emma Fisher to figure out what happened.

However, instead of playing as Emma, players control the Systems Administration & Maintenance,S.A.M. for short.S.A.M. is the AI that monitors the entire station, helping the crew by opening hatches and performing different tasks when needed. With its unique gameplay and intriguing story, Observationis worth a playthrough.

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