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Netflix's series "High Score" reminded us of the times when the score in games was important and companies like SEGA paid for records. Creators of the retro cyberpunk game Cyber Protocol decided to the same thing today. They will pay the person with high score 1000 dollars.


Cyber Protocol is an insanely difficult arcade puzzle game with 100 hand-created levels and puzzles that are a real challenge even for hardcore gamers. The game takes us back to the time when skills, patience, and logic were the main requirements to beat challenges.

This is the toughest game in the world - at least according to the folks at RedDeerGames. Now you have a chance to prove them wrong and earn 1000 dollars in the process.

The game was released on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. But only 0,7% of console players managed to finish the game and beat 100 levels.


Now Cyber Protocol is making its way to the PCs all around the world. To celebrate the upcoming PC release on September 17, 2020, the developers have prepared something special. They decided to take us all back to the times when highscore used to be extremely really important for gamers and are going to reward the best achievements with cash prizes.

You have a few weeks after the release date to train. The person at the top of the scoreboard on December 31st will win 1000 dollars. Second and third places will get another 200 dollars and 100 dollars.

How does it work? The PC version of the game features a special GLOBAL TOP20 mode: the challenges where players compete for real cash. More info will be revealed on September 17.


Cyber Protocol is a journey to the rhythm of great 8-bit music and synthwave. The visual aspects give off nostalgic vibe and are reminiscent of the energetic world of arcade machines. And then, there are also all the cyberpunk details that create a unique mood. All of this together makes an ideal environment for testing your skills.

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RedDeerGames is an Indie Game Publisher and Developer. We are best known for Cyber Protocol, a well-received cyberpunk arcade puzzle game with a great synth-wave soundtrack. Our most recent production is Brawl Chess, a kids-friendly epic chess game with cartoon visuals created by Platige Image.

We aim to create unique and accessible games, easily distinguishable by their original art style. Our main goal, however, is for them to be FUN!

In addition to that, RedDeerGames team also cooperates with independent developers from all over the world in order to publish and promote their games. In recent years we released console versions of Clumsy Rush and Nirvana Pilot Yume.

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Play Cyber Protocol and win 1000 dollars. RedDeerGames will pay for high score like in the old days - Gamasutra

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