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Ping Redux employs a retro graphics style that gives its world a simple charm. Backgrounds and levels remain bright and vibrant with many having things going on in the background. Many levels include references to classic games like Pitfall, Zelda, and even Super Mario Bros.! Other levels look like they are playing out on a terminal screen which was particularly cool, especially the one that had an IRC going on.

To accompany the fun gameplay and visuals, a popping soundtrack plays in the background of each world. The sounds of bouncing off walls are very clear and even the crunch of Pings death is, again, oddly satisfying.

With nearly 110 levels for players to figure out, the base playthrough of Ping Redux will take some time. Even after you manage to turn back the Spheres and save the world, you can go back and replay any level to increase your rankings. Each level is scored by how many bounces you use with less being better. 3 ranks are available in total with gold being the highest honor. Getting gold on some of these levels still seems impossible to me at this point so I cant wait to go back in and figure a number of them out!

About the only thing I didnt enjoy about my journey through Ping Redux was how intensely the screen would shake as you tried to line up secondary shots. In levels with more geometry the effect was even more nauseating, making it harder to complete them. I think the effect is good in theory but having an option to scale it would work better on a user level.

Ping Redux is a fantastic puzzle game that everyone should play! Nami Tentou has released the game across PC, Xbox One, and now PS4 leaving little excuse not to check it out. There is even a demo available for anyone who might be curious to try it out before buying. Seriously though, for the asking price of $5 it is an absolute steal, so why wouldnt you pick it up?!

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PING REDUX Review: An Awesome Puzzle Game That Won't Break The Bank! - GameTyrant

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