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There is the hidden chamber that can be unlocked, as well as a whole new section of puzzles once the game is completed called Winterfest. It seemed like a Christmas themed section and provided the hardest puzzles I came across in the game. Hopefully, they will keep providing more themed sections to give more puzzles for the players who enjoy the game.

However, once you complete all of these puzzles there isnt much reason to go back as they are always the same.

After getting all the coins and unlocking the hidden chapter, I couldnt help but feel that it could have been longer. Why not make the series of puzzles before the end of this special chapter longer than the others? Or perhaps provide multiple chapters that would be unlocked? It just seems like there was potential here that was passed up.

I like how the game is a casual puzzle game, but it took that term quite seriously. I only found myself stumped twice and that was during the Winterfest section of the game. Sure, each puzzle required some thought and examination, but I would have enjoyed some harder puzzles towards the end.

Path of Giants is one of the better casual puzzle games out today! I like the art style and puzzle set up they utilized for this game as it worked well throughout the whole adventure. The whole game was enjoyable to play through. It is a bit short length-wise, but it comes at a fair inexpensive price as well. I hope to see some DLC or more games from this team featuring gameplay like this game offers.

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PATH OF GIANTS Review: Teamwork Makes The Puzzles Work - GameTyrant

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