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5D. Quotation marks like these signal that you should be looking for a colloquialism that is equivalent in meaning and tone to the phrase in the clue. To repeat myself means the same thing as AS I SAID

29D. Weve got another pun with Score keeper? as the clue for MUSIC STAND, which is a place where musicians might keep their musical scores.

30D. The clue Blades that dont cut but that are themselves cut is a nice observation about blades of GRASS, which are unthreatening but regularly submit to clippings by lawn mowers.

This puzzle features four sets of entries that visually illustrate the relationship between the intersecting across and down theme entries. The first set is INDIA INK and NIB, where the pen NIB dips into the INDIA INK (the clue reads You might dip a 15-Down in this before writing something). The next set of intersecting theme entries depicts a TOE dipping into a SWIMMING POOL, an apt image for mid-August.

This pattern repeats with two more sets of things that can be dipped into other things, and although there is no revealer, the visual crossing is super elegant, and the theme is spelled out in the clues. What a joy! Lets hear about the inspiration for this theme from Ms. Margolin herself:

Each winter, in the depths of January, my family attempts to gather for Fondue Night. First, we dip all manner of vegetables along with fresh French bread into our wine-y cheesy mixture. Then, of course, we follow it up by dipping cakes and fruits into hot, rich chocolate. (There is no better use for coconut macaroons that have been in the freezer since Passover!). All of this is in my moms bright orange fondue pot, from circa 1965. Very retro and very delicious!

Such was the inspiration for this puzzle. I made this puzzle before the winter, but we already knew that Covid would keep the family apart, and fondue-by-Zoom was not going to be worth trying. So I turned the concept into a puzzle instead. Like making lemons into lemonade, or leftover macaroons into chocolate delicacies! I hope you enjoyed dipping into this puzzle.

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NYT Crossword: Wife of Theseus - The New York Times

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