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MO: Astray's superb mix of horror storytelling, sci-fi, puzzles, and platforming makes it a must-buy indie gem for the Nintendo Switch.

As an adorable blue blob creature in a horrific world of mad science gone wrong, players might expect that the titular character of MO: Astray has little in the way of proper defenses. Theyd be wrong, as this cute little slime (slightly reminiscent of those found in the Dragon Quest series) proves quite capable at dodging death and nimbly traversing around buzzing blades and monsters. The game presents that rare example of a true puzzle platformer comprising equal parts of both genres, with unique movement mechanics and an emphasis on precision and quick restarts to get through its trickiest sections. MO: Astrays new home on the Nintendo Switch feels like the perfect way to experience this beloved, beautiful, yet underappreciated modern classic and get it in front of more eyes.

At first, MO can only slowly slime its way around the rundown lab environments, as well as leap to a predefined point controlled by the right analog stick. Mastering these jump mechanics is a skill that gradually improves over time, and the new abilities added over MO: Astrays five substantive chapters add considerable depth to how MO gets around, despite the fact that it can feel initially frustrating. This is partially due to how MO immediately sticks to any nearby surfaces, a quirk which will probably lead to a few surprise deaths early on, but it evolves into a vital traversal methodthat turns the simplest rooms into creative jungle gyms of squishy acrobatics.

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MO: Astray may look like a metroidvania in screenshots, and its continuous unveiling of new abilities pushes that genre application even further, but its a fully linear experience, much closer to something like Playdead's INSIDE. MO starts off in a derelict spaceship laboratory rampant with mutated scientists and regretful memories, then moves on to other dangerous environments seeking escape. The ambience throughout is exceptional, with sizzling electronics, rabid mutants, deadly machinery, and a menacingly atmospheric soundtrack.

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MO: Astray Review - Superb Sci-Fi Horror with Puzzles and Slimes - Screen Rant

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