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While I have been sucked into the Destiny 2 puzzle solving black hole, I had to come up for air to have a bit of a laugh about Borderlands 3s new Farming Frenzy event. First, I mean, farming is the entire purpose of the game once youve beaten the story once, so thats kind of like FIFA having a play soccer!! event, but second, all the temporary changes in this are things that should not be temporary changes at all.

Quite literally every single item in this Borderlands 3 farming event should be a permanent change to the game, as it addresses many of the core issues with the current farming loop. Lets go through them:

Rare Spawns now always show up in their location This is a needed change because even if we overlook the repetitiveness of trekking to a random spot to fight one minor enemy, it is way less enjoyable to do so when they arent even spawning 80% of the time. This increases grind time in a way that is painfully un-fun, and these should not be rare spawns, they should just be unique spawns, and always be there.

Bosses And Rare Spawns now drop items from their unique loot pools more often Again, another much needed change that should be permanent. I forget exactly what the old drop rate was for these unique boss pool weapons, but I think it was something crazy low like 2 or 3 percent. That means you can run these farms and see 0-2 copies of something in dozens and dozens of kills, and forget getting the rolls and anointments you want. Its been way too low for supposedly dedicated farms.

Borderlands 3

Anointed legendary drop rates have increased Again, this is another permanent change that needs to be made because very quickly the Borderlands 3 endgame turns into Anointment and roll farming, not just I need one copy of this legendary drop. You will quickly reach the point where if a legendary is not anointed you probably wont even look at it, and rate have needed to be increased for a while now especially when you consider the full range of just how many possible anointments and roll combos there are for each piece of loot.

Maliwan Takedown now scales to total number of players Gearbox is billing this is a separate event for some reason, just one going on at the same time, but no, I have no idea why you would go to the trouble of developing player number scaling for an event like the Takedown only to leave it up for just two weeks before you take it away. Why on earth wouldnt you just leave that active going forward?

My theory? Gearbox is looking for a win here and the idea is that theyre going to reach the end of this event and go oh hey, everyone liked these changes so much, were going to make them permanent! and then everyone celebrates something that seemed fairly obvious from the outset. All of these are changes the game has needed for months, and its weird this is being pitched as an event rather than just a patch. If they truly do go away in two weeks, then thats very stupid. The only reason I could see that happening is if Gearbox drops a new bit of content and doesnt want people farming it too quickly. And yet I maintain that all these changes should be permanent, and it does not erase the grind for a perfect build, it just makes it at least mildly attainable. Plus, Gearbox keeps messing people up by nerfing powerful builds and guns they already spent a ton of time farming for.

So yeah, all of this needs to stay, not just be a farming event. I guess well find out in two weeks.

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Literally Everything About Borderlands 3s Current Farming Event Should Be Permanent - Forbes

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