Lightmatter Is A Unique Puzzler Where Shadows Kill You; Set To Release January 15th On Steam – Happy Gamer

If you enjoy puzzle games with an interesting twist, then youre going to love Lightmatter. Its a first-person puzzler that involves staying out of the shadows. They have a deadly nature, you see, and one second in them will be the end of the line. The game has shown a ton of potential based on all of the trailers that have come out leading up to its release, which is January 15th.

Thats just a couple of days away. The developer Tunnel Vision Games has really done a good job at mixing in some puzzle elements with a novel design. Normally in games featuring lights, you want to do your best to stay away from them as to avoid being seen. Well this game flips that common trope on its head and does it in an addicting fashion.

If you want to check out Lightmatter before it officially releases in a couple of days, you absolutely can. The developer has given users on the Steam platform an hour of free gameplay. Thats plenty of time to see what it has to offer firsthand.

The premise of the game is moving about each stage all while managing to stay out of the shadows. To do so, youll have to move lights around the create a safe pathway. Thats where the puzzle elements come in. Youll have to figure out where each light needs to be positioned. Naturally, youre going to fail quite a bit when starting off. Dont give up, though.

After multiple sessions, youll figure out the perfect placement for the various lights. Setting up the correct lighting system nets so much satisfaction that youll want to keep coming back to Lightmatter time and time again. The concept may not be overwhelmingly complex, but the simple nature actually does this game a lot of good.

The entire time, youll enjoy your journey through the uniquely designed stages. There is so much atmosphere incorporated in this game, which instantly makes it stand out. Hopefully, this game does well enough to where we could possibly get some sequels in the future. Thats how great the puzzle/platforming action is.

Whether you like tough challenges or atmospheric experiences, Lightmatter is sure to please you from the very start. If you want to learn more about the game before diving headfirst in it, there are plenty of trailers available online. Theyll give you a better grasp of the story and controls.

Lightmatter Is A Unique Puzzler Where Shadows Kill You; Set To Release January 15th On Steam - Happy Gamer

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