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Take a look at the new Nintendo Switch releases coming to the eShop between July 6-10, 2020.

Nintendo Switch owners are spoilt for choice this week with another packed lineup of promising new eShop releases.Lets start with a game we know is excellent.

CrossCode is a super cool retro-style RPG from Radical Fish Games with a focus on action, Zelda-style puzzling, and a clever meta-narrative. The game was a smash hit on PC, and wed be surprised if it isnt even more of a success on Switch.

Were also excited to play Superliminal on Nintendos flexible console. If the port of Pillow Castles first-person optical illusion game is up to scratch, we absolutely recommend this inventive andplayful perspective pondering puzzler.

Next, we have a trio of distinctly Japanese games. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 is Koji Igarashis sequel to the 8-bit Ritual of the Night companion piece.

Catherine: Full Body is a remaster of Zero Studios 2011 cult classic. Its equal parts visual novel, puzzle game, and troubling fever dream.

And finally, how do you create a sequel to the worlds best worst video game? We find out this week when Hidetaka Suehiros Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise rolls into town. Expect another instalment of surreal detective work, intriguing characters, and broadly competent gameplay.

Other new games include The Great Perhaps, Laraan, and Distraint 2.

Well update this page with any late additions throughout the week. In the meantime, here is this weeks lineup of brand new Nintendo eShop releases.

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Last chance to save in the PlayStation Store Mid-Year sale - Thumbsticks

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