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In Kosmokrats, you quickly go from being a space-astronaut who only actually peels potatoes to a starship builder and pilot. Its a huge promotion!

Your new job is to assemble ships in space! It seems like many of the parts were disconnected when they were shipped out, though, so youll need to use your ship to push them together, following same-color magnets so that they connect correctly. Some same-colored magnets are actually looking to connect to different pieces, so you will need to pay attention to lines on the ship and make sure they are connected correctly to keep power flowing.

As the space ship is being assembled, there are cosmonauts just floating around, waiting for you to build the area. These people can easily be squished by the massive ship parts, so keeping them alive is key. As is time, since they need to be back inside the space ship as soon as possible. Youll need to work quickly and efficiently.

Kosmokrats is a challenging puzzle game, as gravity can really take the parts you want to move and cause them to go flying off in a different direction. Its difficult, but feels like a good kind of difficult if youre into gravity-based puzzles. The stories and comments from your commander do add a lot of information on what is going on around you and how they feel about a potato peeler becoming a pilot as well. As the story progresses, you have the option to create a utopia or dictatorship, all depending on what you do. There are different flashbacks and moments on the ship, giving your character much more life than you might expect from this puzzle game.

Kosmokrats is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist.

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'Kosmokrats' Puts Starship-Building in the Hands of a Potato Peeler - Indie Games Plus

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