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Black Friday has no cultural relevance for someone who doesnt celebrate American Thanksgiving, but Im up for good games going cheap. is the latest digital PC games store to launch a big Black Friday sale, and its the one that interests me most for all of Itchs indie goodies. The store mostly sells DRM-free downloads, but plenty do come with keys you can slam into Steam too. I have some recommendations.

The Black Friday sale page is here, but I found it easier to browse the long list of games on sale. Deals include

The discount isnt massive but odds are good your pals will want to get the gang together this Christmas through the smash-hit Werewolf/Mafia em up, so its nice to save a buck. This includes a Steam key too.

The latest puzzle-platformer from the makers of Limbo sure has some wonderfully horrible stuff! Includes a Steam key.

Not a huge discount, but I really like this gentle game of fiddling with the workings of a surreal world in moody dioramas. Includes a Steam key.

The episodic adventure through underground Americana finally finished this year and yep, its amazing.

Lovely wee puzzle game about building subway lines, this. Includes a Steam key.

Episodic visual novel about gay disasters in meatmechs fighting neonazis? I mean, yes, absolutely. J. Szpilka told us it does punk better than any other recent game.

A touching, thoughtful soap opera exploring the lives of mutants on a forbidden island. Some of my favourite personal drama in video games, and certainly my favourite secret swimming spot. See Alice Bees Mutazione review for more.

Immersive sim ideas taken in three different directions: Eldritch, a roguelikelike dungeon-crawler; Neon Struct, a story-based cyberpunk thriller; and Slayer Shock, a roguelikelike Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Slayer Shocks a bit rough but theyre an interesting trio. Steam keys included.

I will not shut up about this short first-person explore-o-horror game. An excellent sinister world, a solid low-fi style, and a pleasing number of objects to fiddle with. Steam key included.

Connor Sherlock makes some of my very favourite walking simulators, vast abandoned worlds with often-surreal remnants, and a real sense of wonder and sometimes dread built with the help of retro synth soundtracks. This is just one bundle of em, hes got others on sale too.

A collection of point n click adventure games starring cops investigating supernatural goings-on, one of whom Adam declared secretly the worlds laziest anarchist trapped inside the uniform of a policeman. Theyre funny, these. Includes a Steam key.

Another funny supernatural investigation, though this ones cheerier and more absurd. Very nice. Includes a Steam key.

A stylish beat em up with a touch of VATS-y abilities. Having to actually think about your position and movement and the enemys weaknesses and how you can avoid their nastiest abilities gives it a little bit of strategy that brings a welcome depth to what is, bluntly, often a very one-note genre, Sin said. Includes a Steam key.

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Im picking up a few things myself, a few games I couldnt yet recommend but am interested in. Like $1.49 for Dead End Road, a horror game driving along cursed roads? Im game. So very many games are in the sale, so Im sure you have recommendations too, reader dear,

Even if a game you fancy isnt discounted, do still consider buying it. Itch say theyre giving their own cut of revenue to developers until 8am on Saturday (midnight PST), so buying everything might not leave you with more money but it will put extra pennies in the makers pockets.

Black Friday sales are also on at Steam (a bigun), Green Man Gaming (with a good price on Doom Eternal), Fanatical (including half-price Death Stranding), Gamesplanet (with 40% off Star Wars: Squadrons), and a big 45% off Humble Choice. And more. There are more. Well be posting more. More games than I can buy, thats for sure.

Disclosure: Im pals with Hannah Nicklin, the writer of Mutazione, and shes written for RPS before. I also vaaaguuueeely know Connor Sherlock? idk.

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