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This past Tuesday afternoon we were able to enjoy one of the most curious and cool indie game directives that I remember: the Wholesome Direct 2020. A totally cute and adorable style independent game display. The word per se already says it, wholesome means good for you, so we already know where the shots go. Direct to action!

The premise of this game is simple and funny: a group of friends trying to save their favorite arcade game from disappearing. Low poly aesthetics and a hybrid gameplay where you advance in the story playing arcade games in a world made up of diagrams. That is Button City.

Three-dimensional Zelda-like with that aspect shared by all the games in the Wholesome Direct 2020. In Errand Boy we manage the errand boy, who with his travels as a delivery man must save the world. Almost almost Death Stranding, come on.

What is this cute thing? This is Ooblets !, a farm simulator with a Pokemon component by collecting the adorable little ooblets. An early access that I did not remember what was going on until a colleague refreshed it for me.

An old acquaintance receives a new update. After receiving more than a million letters, all of love, hope and encouragement, Kind Words returns to continue bringing love to the world (and right now it is needed).

Following of the farm simulators presented. On this occasion, the aesthetics makes it stand out, for those 3D elements in contrast to the pixel-art of the characters. Snacko also combines them with exploration elements that give the game more depth.

Of the games presented, certainly the ones I liked the most. An adventure game where you must paint the world to save it from evil darkness (the color black). For some reason, Chicory reminds me of the DS Draw my Live game, and see that I know they have nothing to do with it.

In this game we will take control of Lila, a mouse who must help the inhabitants of her city after a strange encounter with a spirit. From what you see in the trailer, The Spirit and the Mouse looks like a puzzle game with exploration, but I have no idea. It certainly looks pretty.

I had to read what the game was about because with the trailer I am not particularly clear. Spiritfarer a kind of Charon simulator where we take a ship that travels the world, we become friends with the spirits we collect and in the end, we leave them in the afterlife, all mixed with exploration and adventure. Rare, but curious at least and one of the most cool to me.

Curious that a constant in the Wholesome Direct 2020 its farm games and saving the world with friends. In this case Sayri welcomes the second option with a puzzle game where we control aliens with telekinetic powers to save themselves from an unknown danger.

Ok, this is another one that has caught my attention the most. A museum construction and management simulator. I dont know why, really, but I really want to throw the glove on Mondo Museum, it made me especially funny.

I have absolutely no idea that Bird Alone is going. According to his description, an introspective game about the meaning of life with a parrot as companions. Also, you repopulate a jungle or something. I want what that man takes, seriously.

Another of the coolest games (my opinion) presented. This time it is a kind of Stardew Valley but where instead of farms we have a magical village, In Little Witch in the Woods we take control of Ellie (no, not that Ellie) and we will accompany her while exploring her environment, making friends and becoming into a real witch. I find it super cool.

A photography game in shades of gray. TOEM transports us to two-dimensional scenarios inspired by Scandinavian landscapes to, camera in hand, transform them into 3D spaces where we can take our photos and share them with the world.

A puzzle game for Apple devices that you can find right now in the Apple Arcade. In Winding Worlds you will have to solve puzzle after puzzle to advance in the story and save both you and the other beings you meet and return home.

I havent seen an augmented reality game since Invizimals time, and this one has certainly amused me. Tokotoko is an augmented reality puzzle game where we must draw with paper and pencil to solve the riddles that will lead Hako to find his friends.

A hand drawn point-and-click lifelong graphic adventure. When the Past was Around tells us a story of love, loss and all the feelings we find in between when these things happen. That has happened to (almost) everyone, so it is easy to feel identified, and also the art is very cool.

Mokijen, the same study that develops the aforementioned When the Past was Around, takes off this second game that has been in development for four years. A Space for the Unbound is another graphic adventure, but different from the previous one. In this case, the plot is set in Indonesia 30 years ago, where two students must solve the supernatural mysteries that plague their city.

Those of you who know the developer studio of The Book of Travels know that there is quality. And also, it is that Might and Delight is anniversary because they are ten years old, which seems like a lie. This time they present us with an open world game with that aesthetic that makes them so well known and with a very strong online component. The adventure that you live is unique, and you can play it with friends or alone, you rule in your story.

Another adventure game in this Wholesome Direct 2020 and with a pixel-art and a roll that I love. We are a grape, we live in a city destroyed and inhabited by fruits and in Garden Story we must fix the city and protect the rest of the fruits. Of course, creativity is abundant in this event.

It is night, but we have a very important task to do: find the perfect gift. Just like the plot of Depanneur Nocturne, a game where the perfect gift is chosen by you, although you have to be an imbecile to be late at night looking for a gift for your girlfriend.

Without a doubt, the strangest video game concept in Wholesome Direct 2020. Well, right after Bird Alone. Calico is a social simulator of magical girls who have to rebuild the towns cat-caf and repopulate it with animals. Im not saying it, the description says it, Im not making it up. Of course, it is unique and quite curious.

A walking simulator inside a house. Rainy Season presents a mystery story where we must spend time with our family (of course, science fiction in my case) because it is raining. Oh, and spirits from beyond appear. I think that more.

In Wayward Strand we will play as Casey, a journalist who travels to a flying hospital, where we will interact with the crew and the inhabitants of the same while they do their day to day to discover the mysteries of the ship. Prize for originality, because it mixes the mix of ideas. But yes, I really like it.

A precious platform with hand-painted scenes. Hoa is the game I most want to try where we will advance through the world unlocking the lost memories of our protagonist, Hoa.

After commenting on the main games discussed within the live, we will close this review at Wholesome Direct 2020 listing the titles that they showed as a rich rusheito. The titles were:

I heartily recommend you take a look at all the games. They are proposed for everyone, at least several games of the more than fifty shown here will rock you. And besides, damn, they are indies, a support and a helping hand never spare. You can take a look at the Wholesome Games page dedicated to the live show, but all the links are here, so dont worry. Tell me which ones are cool!

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