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Silent Hill has a Clock Tower Puzzle event happening in Dead by Daylight. This guide will help players solve this puzzle and get the prize within.

The new Silent Hill DLCinDead by Daylightincludedsome fun Easter Eggs for players to find.This guide will help players unlock the Silent Hill Clock Tower puzzle in the game.Dead by Daylight is a fairly popular slasher-simulator available on almost every bit of modern hardware. Games are broken up into two different categories, the Killer and the Survivors. The Killer takes control of a slasher character and runs around an elaborate map to find other players to kill while the Survivors must work together to turn on generators so they can make their endgame escape. Currently, a special easter egg can be found in the map based on the popular horror franchise,Silent Hill. This guide will help players complete this task and discover what's inside.

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Silent Hillis a horror game developed by the Japanese game developer giant, Konami. The game has broken off into numerous spin-off titles since its initial release back in 1999. During the PS4 generation, a demo released called "PT" brought back speculation of a newSilent Hillgame as this demo was widely praised. Although, the game was quietly removed from the PlayStation store, preventing players from downloading it again. PS4's with a downloaded copy of PT are now sold for high-value. There's a reason why this franchise is so important to many horror fans and whyDead by Daylight has collaborated with them. Here's how players can solve theSilentHillClock Tower Puzzle.

Players can solve this puzzle in a normal online match or in a custom game. Doing it in a custom game makes it easier to accomplish though. The Midwich Elementary School map is the location of the Clock Tower. Although when selecting a custom map, make sure to equip Mary's Letter offering to either the Killer or the Survivor. This is very important, as the Midwich Elementary School map needs to have very specific generator locations for this to work. Equipping Mary's Letter offering will place the generators where they need to be for this to work.

Now, enter Midwich Elementary School and head up to the upper floor of the school. The two generators will be in two different rooms.

Activating each generator will change the clock hands on the tower. The player wants the clock to read 5'o'clock. Once both generators have been powered on, the player then needs to trigger the endgame. Either the Survivors need to be making an escape or the Killer finishing his job. During this time, head over to the clock tower and the door will open. Inside will be a treasure chest with helpful items.

If you want to see the clock tower opening for yourself without the effort, check out the video below.

Dead by Daylighthas teamed up with some of horrors' biggest names includingStranger Things,Friday The 13th,andScream.This is the first time many of these characters have come together in this big of a collaboration.Dead by Daylightis a great time with friends and new content is introduced with patches and updates. The developers behind the game take fan feedback very seriously including things like balance patches and character suggestions. Hopefully, Konami will take notice and see that there is a demand for a newSilent Hilltitle soon.

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Dead by Daylight is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC.

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