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The ratio of indie versus AAA games has seemingly shifted in the past few years, at least judging by the recently-held Steam Game Festival. However, a numerical advantage in itself no matter how much gamers longing for an indie renaissance desire it is hardly a guarantee that the majority of the games we end up getting will offer more than a regurgitation of the easily marketable formulas so prevalent in the industry. With that said, our staff set out to fish out some of the more promising titles from the crowd below are my brief impressions of all the games Ive personally tried, from best to worst.

The demo for Stronghold: Warlords seemed similarly promising, and although series veterans tend to claim that it adds nothing particularly new to the franchise, it definitely felt like a notable step forward in terms of graphical fidelity and animation quality.

Recompile, a puzzle/shooter hybrid where youre an error in the system, was an interesting take on the usual platformer formula, while Exo Ones demo allowed me to traverse the surface of an exoplanet with a visual style that felt kind of like a psychedelic trip.

Id recommend that the developers (and puzzle enthusiasts in general) check out a 2014 game called The Talos Principle instead, both for thought-provoking and comparison purposes. Thankfully, the demo ended after exactly an hour of play time, thus sparing me from having to listen to any more of its frankly distasteful dialogue scenes.

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Here's what we played during the Steam Game Festival Part 2 - GTOGG

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