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Are you ready to go to hell? Well, you better be, because thats where upcoming PC VR title Trial By Teng from Charm Games is taking you.

A mysterious teaser trailer for Trial By Teng first dropped more than a year ago. However, during our UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition, weve debuted a brand new trailer that gives a better look into the style and gameplay on offer.

The trailer plays out like a satirical tourism ad for hell, where the game is set. Its a VR puzzle title, but one with an unusual yet charming theme youll be solving puzzles and running through gameplay that works off your Karmic debt. Youll be doing all this under the watchful eye of King Yama, the ruler of all hells. While wed like to hope that you might be granted freedom to leave hell at the end of the game, that seems a bit unlikely.

The art style looks visually compelling and the satirical humor in the trailer works really well. Theres some different hellish environments that look super enticing as well, like the River Styx-esque boat ride towards the end.

Trial By Teng is set for release on PC VR platforms, with no word on potential Oculus Quest or PSVR ports just yet. While it would be great to see the game on those systems, some of the environments and graphics do look pretty intense, so well have to wait and see.

Theres no exact release for Trial By Teng just yet, only that its coming soon. Given that the game has been in development for over a year now, we hope its sooner rather than later. It will release for PC VR and is already available to wishlist on Steam.

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Go To Hell In VR Puzzler Trial By Teng From The Creators Of Form - UploadVR

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