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Theres a Studio Ghibli inspired puzzle platformer on the horizon which aims to explore love, life, and death. Eternal Hope wont simply ask you to venture to the end of the world for a loved one, but also to go beyond it!

Coming from indie game development studio Doublehit Games, Eternal Hope is an upcoming puzzle platformer that looks to provide a captivating adventure. Its going to delve into the toil of life after, and during, death as you travel between different dimensions in a quest to be reunited with your beloved. Well see it launching on 6th August for PC via Steam, with an Xbox One release later in the year.

Inspired by the artistic stylings of the world-renowned Studio Ghibli, Eternal Hope follows the story of Tibi, a boy who must travel between two dimensions in search of his lost loves soul. Embarking on a journey filled with undying love and unwavering hope, you will use intuition and fast thinking to find clever ways to overcome the many obstacles and puzzles in your path. You can expect for it to feature beautiful environments and an intensely emotional storyline too.

This unusual journey has Tibi traversing to the purgatory-like realm of the Shadow World to retrieve his cherished girlfriends soul. Possessing an ability to travel between dimensions, he will use this power, alongside help from otherworldly beings, to solve puzzles that will ultimately lead him to his loves final resting place in the great beyond. It wont be easy however, with corrupted creatures inhabiting this mirror dimension and many enemies along the way.

Eternal Hope asks that players deeply consider what they would do with everything on the line, said Gabriel Oliveira, Director and Sound Designer, Doublehit Games. This is not only a video game but rather, an emotional and thought-provoking story brought to life with captivating artwork and mysterious characters. Eternal Hope is our most ambitious project yet, and were sure it will steal the hearts of players everywhere.

Key Features of Eternal Hope:

Dont forget Eternal Hope will launch for PC via Steam on 6th August, while Xbox One gamers can get involved later this year!

Ghibli inspired puzzle platformer Eternal Hope heading to Xbox One and PC - TheXboxHub

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