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Rose City Games hopes to make Garden Story a grand adventure, but that means pushing its release date back to 2021.

Garden Story has been one of the games to watch in the indie gaming scene recently. With a charming premise and colorful art style, it's looking like Rose City Games may have something special on its hands here. But special games can't be rushed, so the developer is going to take its time with this one. That means taking it out of the 2020 release timeframe and moving it back to next year.

Rose City Games made the announcement on Thursday morning, citing a desire to make Garden Story bigger and more adorable. They already look to be on their way, announcing a partnership with the team at Kowtoon Nights. Kowtoon Nights is the video game fund that seeks to assist aspiring indie developers and now they're looking to help Rose City with Garden Story.

To help make up for the delay, players can check out some new Garden Story footage in the trailer above. They can take a look at some new areas, new bosses, and more of Garden Story's dungeon crawling gameplay. The Rot is spreading across the island, as main character Concord looks to rebuild his world and unify everyone as the new Guardian of the Grove.

Let's look back at what we saw from PAX South:

Garden Story picks up in the midst of a world being eaten away by a force known as the Rot. It creates hostile creatures, poisons resources, and leads whole communities into disarray. We should mention this is a world inhabited by sentient fruits and vegetables as its main denizens, with the addition of at least one sassy frog. You are a concord grape and newly appointed guardian tasked with trying to help get rid of the Rot. To this end, you have to venture into different communities, gather resources, fight off Rot-created enemies, solve puzzle-filled dungeons, and help the townsfolk restore their villages to working order. Yes, its your grape at the core of the gameplay, but Garden Story is about restoring the villages to working order alongside their villagers.

Garden Story will now release in Spring 2021. Look for it to release on PC.

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Garden Story pushes its harvest back to 2021 - Shacknews

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