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Its possible to deep dive into the virtual reality gaming world on your Linux system. Want to explore VR games on Linux? This article takes you through the top 3 VR games available on Linux.

Ready to get amazed? Lets start.

VR games are the new-gen computer games enabled with virtual reality, in short, VR technology. It gives players a first-person perspective of all the gaming actions. As a participant, you can enjoy the gaming environment through your VR gaming devices, such as hand controllers, VR headsets, sensor-equipped gloves, and others.

VR games are played on gaming consoles, standalone systems, powerful laptops, and PCs compatible with VR headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, HP Reverb G2, Valve Index, and others.

Now, a little brief about VR technology. By now, you know that VR is an abbreviation of Virtual Reality. This is, basically, a computer-generated simulation where the player controls its generated objects through the limb and facial movements in a three-dimensional environment. This environment is interacted with through special equipment, like clothing having touch simulating pressure nodes and enclosed glasses with screens in front, instead of lenses.

A lot of VR objects are usable as they are in reality and the gaming developers are making the VR universe more and more immersive with each passing day.

The Steam store seems to be the best way to get VR games on your system. Good news: you dont need to worry about installing all the modules and software to run the game smoothly. Steam client is ready to take all the worries. So, get a Steam account by downloading the client from Steams site.

Back in 2019, it was reported that VR Linux desktops are around the corner. What about now? Xrdesktop is here for you. Xrdesktop is free to use. It lets you work with the common desktop environments, like GNOME and KDE.

The SimulaVR is a similar open-source project to check out.

Now the fun part: In this section, well share the best 5 VR games to play on Linux in your gaming time.

DOTA 2 by Valve is a multiplayer online battleground and one of the most favorites of video game lovers. Its ruled this generations hearts for the past 8 years. DOTA 2 is a successor of Defence of the Ancients, in short, DOTA. DOTA was a mod created by the gaming community for Warcraft III of Blizzard Entertainment.

A fact about DOTA 2: its the very first video game to offer 1 million USD as a prize pool. Thats huge, isnt it? It was about 9 years ago. Now DOTA 2 offers a whopping 31+ million USD to the winners. And thats not a joke. The VR component of this gaming arena is an environment worth discovering. So, get ready with your VR headset for playing DOTA 2 on Linux.

Next up we have The Talos Principle VR. Are you into puzzle games? Then this virtual reality game by Croteam is the perfect one for you. The Talos Principle, actually, is the VR form of a critically acclaimed first-person puzzle based on philosophical science fiction brought by Croteam earlier.

Its a real brainstormer as the game makes you think through all its levels in an unconventional way. Its the difficulty of the game that gets you hooked. The narrator brings elements of philosophy that spike more interest. The VR port works well by presenting us, the player, as an unknown element to its world.

If you like crafting and building new designs, Locomancer is to try on your Linux system. This is a toy-box-style simulator created for touch-enabled VR headsets. In this VR video game, you build train models and tracks. You can also test your creation by getting on a train ride. Lots of fun mechanics and some playing are only needed to get familiar with Locomancer. Once experienced enough with the playing, youre good to build your own.

This game is somehow relatable to Noddys Toyland cartoon show of the 90s. Anyway, Locomancer is definitely a wise buy for video gamers and is always recommended by the gaming community.

Apart from the above video games, if you want to experience something interesting, do check out Google Earth VR. You enter the place you want to reach out and youre immediately placed there. And from there you can walk to all other places nearby and experience being in numerous cities that exist today. This piece of wander is sure to give your desired relief in your time off.

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